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Fiji Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

You can book Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Yasawa Island on TripAdvisor: The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exclusive retreat on a remote and pristine island. The Yasawa Island Resort has some all-inclusive prices. The Yasawa Island Resort & Spa, Yasawa Island. Situated on the island of Yasawa, this hotel is nearby and more!

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Fiji's Yasawa Archipelago's unspoilt isles are the most archetypical in the South Pacific. Secluded, unspoilt and lined up like pearls of blueness and greenness in the midst of unspoilt cliffs, these are surrounded by long sandy whites and oceans of deep blueness. There are six major and many smaller archipelagos more than 50 northeast mile.

Vulcanic origins with rising mountain tops, these paradisiacal isles are impressive. and the Yasawas were spotted by Captain Bligh in May 1789, a few day after he began his famous journey posmutiny. The Yasawas were usually of little interest to Europe's merchants or colonists and for many years were one of the most insulated parts of Fiji.

Because of their remoteness, the people of Yasawan are more traditionally than other Fijians, which makes this area a very unique place. The Yasawa Island is the most important and northern island of the group. Only 22 km long and less than 1 km broad, this piece of paradise is achieved by a 35-minute round trip from Nadi.

Desperate romanticists will like Yasawa's Lomalagi honeymoon suites - quietly located at the other end of the shore with its own horizons-pools. There are 11 abandoned sandy beachs- among them "Paradise" and "Lovers"! Yasawa includes all food, with a strong emphasis on fresh sea food - the locals are great fishers and their capture of the morning is a meal delicacy.

Enjoy a folkloric celebration - a "Lovo" - served with a "Meke" show of Filipino singing and dancing, and rinsed with a glass of cava. It is a traditionally produced beverage made from the root of a cucumber. Fifteen words for'heaven' in Fiji, no wonder Yasawa is the first!

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