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At P&O Cruises we pride ourselves on offering our passengers the best holiday experience. Wellcome to Whet Travel Affiliate Program, which currently supports Groove Cruise & Inception at Sea! Learn more about our partner programs for cruises, car rentals and motorhome rentals. International Cruise Council Australasia is an association of leading cruise companies dedicated to cruise expansion and awareness worldwide. √ĘThis is an old question, but I had the opportunity to ask some cruise experts at an industry event recently.

Affiliate Cruise Program

You not only earn 3% of your total revenue, but we also offer the latest functions and the best offers for your clients. We help you earn even more with a wide range of trip contents and traffic-driving prohibitions that end up on highly converted sites. In order to better evolve our referral programme, we have teamed up with one of the world's premier referral network to make it easier for you to sign up for our programme, receive our link service and check your referral report.

Programme highlights - 3% commision on sales - one of the highest in the sector! - Personalized landing pages & banners for powerful partners - Upcoming!

Affiliate Program

More about P&O Cruises: P&O Creises was founded in 1837 in the luxurious segment and offers a variety of cruise services over a thousand public and private days. At P&O cruises we take great pleasure in offering our customers the best possible vacation time. Relax or explore, two-night break or circumnavigate the globe, with P&O offers you the agony of choices!

  • P&O cruises pays publishing houses 2% of the cruise's entire book value. - No commission is payable on reservations made by P&O Cruises' current clients to whom P&O has previously provided a P&O promotion offer. Transactional queries: - Clients cannot post a trade as long as they are within 60 days from the date of the wallet.
  • Publishers and their clients have 6 month from the date of acquisition to submit any kind of transactional request. Every transactional uplink date that is outside this date area is rejected and is no longer taken into consideration. P&O Cruise can be linked to via the' Creating and text buttons in the P&O Cruise website under'Banners and Links'.

We also ask affiliates not to include a banner in their pages so that all of your creativity is immediately effective. Allowance for affiliates: The P&O cruise examines and approves all partners applying for membership in the partner program.

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