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Activities on the North Island

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Best you can do in Northern Caicos and Central Caicos.

North Caicos, Hollywood beach. Ideal for those seeking adventure, North and Central Kaikos offers abandoned shorelines, sea bluffs and caverns to explore. As these two isles have seen very little evolution, they are strikingly lacking the hustle and storm of Providenciales and Grand Turk, and you will often have kilometres of lovely beaches to yourself.

Since North and Central Quays receive the most precipitation from all the island of the land, the tree population is usually higher (the gras is definitely greener!), and the remains of some of the once biggest Turkish and Caicos plantages are still tucked away in the thick bush.

The protected canals, mangroves, lakes and rivers of the North and Central Quays are spectacular. Northern Caicos and Central Caicos are best explored on your own. A lot of interesting places of interest are just a short stop off the highway that runs through both isles.

North Caicos and Middle Caicos are not as vast as the world-famous Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales, but the quiet remoteness is incomparable. Norbeli's bays on the Crossing Place Trail, Middle Caicos. Northern Caicos and Central Caicos offer the all-too-rare chance of largely deserted island destinations that are easily and safely explored by car.

As there is no transportation on the northern and central Caicos, we recommend our visitors to hire a vehicle or vehicle for the period of their holiday on the Garden Islands. Exploration of theays around Northern Caicos and Central Caicos by boot. Even though Northern Caicos and Central Caicos do not have the main nautical and boating companies found on Providenciales and Grand Turk, it is always possible to book your own personal trip on the Wad.

You can either book a cruise from Northern Caicos or Middle Caicos, or an individual cruise can be chartered from Providenciales. Wherever you are on the Turks and Caicos Islands, a trip on the sea is one of our top recommendations. Caicos centralays are an astonishing setting to explore.

There is Bottle Creek Lagoon, East Bay Islands National Park, Ramsar Nature Reserve and tens of unbelievable and desertedays, many of which are home to breathtaking sands. Shoals from the south sides of the Caicos Islands provide excellent shallow fisheries with bone fish, tarepon and rod fish.

There are some of the best walking trails of the Turks and Caicos on these islets. Among these are the open saltworks at Haulover Point and the driftwood-covered Wildeow Run. Wade's Green on Northern Caicos and the rugged and secluded tow plantation on Central Caicos provide an glimpse into the Caicos Islands' loyal past.

These two islands are home to some of the best Turkish and Caicos karst rock formations, caves and caves. Though not a touristic goal and quite unreachable, the Middle Caicos Oceanloch is probably the world' broadest cyan cavity.

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