Niihau Leis for Sale

Nejihau Leis for sale

NI?IHAU STATE LEGAL CONFIRMS IDENTIFY OF NI?IHAU SHELL LEIS - Hawai?i Law sets standards for crafts and materials that must be respected. On the beautiful islands of Hawaii, everyone wears silk.

Mokihana; Molokai - Kukui; Lanai - Kaunaoa; Niihau - Pupu; Kaho'olawe - Hinahina.

Hawaii Gold' shared by Kahele with supporters

Everywhere the Kuana Torres Kahele goes, he carries a ly. Kahele was wearing three 10-stranded Niihau shells in unusual colours at the Na Hoku Hanohano in May. The Niihau Shell Leu Calendar is available at Kuana Torres Kahele shows on the following dates: Featuring Johnny Lum Ho's Halau Ka Ua Kani Lehua.

I' m with Kyumu Sonny Ching's Halau Na Mamo o Pu'uanahulu. If you would like to buy or order Niihau shell rental, please send an e-mail to Hilo, a native of Hilo, got his first Niihau Muschel-Lei as a present from the lend manufacturer Ehu Kanahele when he performed at a Kauai festival a few years ago. There was a blank ly made of Alilea bowls, bigger than most types of Niihau bowls.

Canahele is a member of a Niihau familiy that is honored for its glue building abilities acquired over several event-generation. Kahele and a large part of the enlarged Kanahele relatives joined them at the awarding. Kanahele regards the Kanaheles as his second home, and during his concert he sells their canaheles and gives them back the entire profit.

Kahele's Niihau shell collections are included in a new Mountain Apple Co. disc designer calender. Featuring a variety of colour schemes and designs, they emphasise the more common Kahelelani mussels and rare mussels with their own name in the colours red, rose, butterscotch, golden, dark green, dark green and darker.

It is available at Sonny Ching's Halfau Na Mamo na Pu'uanahulu in Honolulu, Lum Ho's Halfau Ka Ua Kani Lehua in Hilo and Leina'ala Jardin's Halfau Ka Lei Mokihana or Leina'ala in Kauai. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go to Niihauer Muschelk√ľnstler and Die Halau, who are organizing a Kahele concerto and dance to his new CD "Kahele", which will be available in the shops on July 30.

" It' a piece about Kahele's last name, and on the front page he is wearing a mail ledge, which is drawn over a multi-stranded brown-golden Niihau-Muschel-Lei. The NIIHAU SHELL is collected on the remote banks of Niihau, the Prohibited Island, because it is in private ownership and the journey there is limited.

Prizes vary from $100 for a straightforward, singles line to $30,000 for a high-quality, multi-stranded shell in precious colours. According to the Ni'ihau Cultural Heritage Foundation, the value is defined by the rareness and qualitiy of the mussels used and the craftsmanship of the craftsman. Years of laborious work go into making the ly, which includes collecting and washing the bowls, grading by type, colour or height and boring so that they can be lined up.

It is one of the few revenue streams for Niihauans and a heritage threatened with extinction if it is not handed down to future generation, which is why Kahele wants to help. Kahele and her love for the islands and their customs was confirmed by a trip to Niihau in January.

In 10 min. after he landed on Niihau he wrote the tune and the words to "Nanina", over one of the sands there. This is one of the 14 songs on the "Kahele" record. Kahele said that many Niihau Shell Lei holders have put them somewhere in a safety deposit box, but he is encouraging them to take them out and exchange their beuathe.

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