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Pizza, pasta, submarines and salads are served on the north coast of Oahu in Waialua and Haleiwa. The Utage Restaurant + Lounge is located in City Square, off Kalani Street and offers a friendly atmosphere. Together with the inspiration of Kono's, The Surfing Pig concept is to bring back an Old School Vibe in Kaimuki, which is truly the Mecca of eating on Oahu. Visit our restaurant or one of our dining cars. Lunch, first-class sushi and charming brunch spots are among the restaurants in Honolulu that are located near our Hotel Oahu.

Restaurants & Lounges | Ko Olina Dining

In our five restaurants and pubs in Oahu you will find a delightful change that will bring out the best of this seaside heaven - only 35 min from the centre of Honolul. Oahu's restaurants and nightclubs specialize in sustainably prepared indigenous food, inspired by the islands of Hawaii and the island ers who work the countryside and the seas.

There is a shellfish place run by star cook Michael Mina, with a panorama view of the sea and beaches from the multi-storey deck and a meal on the sands. Enjoy freshly caught food with a regional concoction or a glass of our comprehensive cuisine. Influenced by the expression mai ka la kiki a ka la ka la chew - "from sonrise to sunset" - La Habi Kitchen is an inspirational take on US mainland food, pervaded by the influence of the locals, reinvented with new, agricultural produce and made by a world-class cuisine.

Our stylish and cozy Italy dining room offers home-made pastas and dressings as well as an array of delicious local cuisine. We can arrange a barbecue directly on the shore for the whole familiy or an informal meal for two.

Try the North Shore flavors with prawn shakes or have a hawaiian drink in our relaxed Waterman Bar & Grill next to the Family Pool. Mornings, the cafe prepares fine coffees, refreshing juice and delicious munchies. Lean back on the patio with a view of our lovely beaches and relax with a drink.

Oahu's Best New Restaurants - Early 2018

In addition, there are a few new restaurants specialising in genuine food and gastro pub vibe, all of which are offered in a relaxed atmosphere. Here is a view of the best new restaurants in Oahu this spring: Let the new Italien nightclub and informal café on the corners of Ward Avenue and Kapiolani Boulevard take you on the roads of Italy.

Velocity Honolulu has an original ltalian café specialising in warm coffee, crisp breakfasts, traditional country pastries, oven-baked pizza and delicious exquisite ltalian delicacies (including a fabulous lasagna). One of the favourite islands, who prepares savoury Philippine and American food, has opened a new venue in Kunia.

This Kunia is a welcome enrichment for the area with other sites in Ewa Beach, Waipahu and Honolulu. Situated within The Lanai (the latest installment following the trends at the Fashion Hall), this informal meal courtyard is designed to provide quick, lush and varied cuisine at an accessible price. One of the sisters of the international renowned Kono's, renowned for its 12-hour, slowly fried Kono pig meat, has opened a new gastro pub in peace and quiet.

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