What to do in Guam for a Day

The kind of day you can do in Guam

Do you have any ideas as to what we should do or where we should go? Some ideas about where to stay or what to do. Begin exploring the site for everything there is to do in Guam. Watch them on a rental car or by hiring a driver for the day. Everything from the type of food you should expect, to accommodation and the fun things you can do.

Day and Noctury in Guam - Guam Forum

We will be in Guam for a day in June 2013, that is a Wednesdays evening until Thursdays. Some idea where to sleep or what to do. Do a lot and see on guam. try to get a hire a car. many options at the airfield. what do you like? business? nighlife? asia Mall has inexpensive t-shirts like kmsart. try to get to jeff' s pirates bay on the SE page for lunches or dinners. many good places to generally dine on guam.

Guam public transport means taxis. The city of Tumon is 5 minutes by road from the international airports. But if you decide to remain in TUMONE, I'd recommend a cab. Begin with a savoury buffet breakfasts in one of the Rumon Bay Hotel. You' ll want to hire a vehicle and go around the isle (? hours +) to go snorkelling in Merizo/Malesso or take a ferry to Cocos isle ( "southern end") and snorkelling there.

When you' re on the road starving, stop at a Mum & Poop shop and try "empanadas". While you are passing through the centre of Yona/Pago Bay, stop by Uof Guam and see their Marine Laboratory, MARC Research Lib. Schedule your trip either back to Tumon or Agana Bay before the Divine Creator's Sunset Show....and take a cocktail in your hands and a leisurely seat to observe the 30 minutes of "Aurora of the Pacific ", you may even have the privilege of seeing floating pelagic overwater.

Evening meal in one of the many kitchens/restaurants of Chamorro Village on Marine Drive, Hagatna..... {\a6}(which has the most activities on Wednesday evening). Try the threefold hot fudge pie at the back of Chamorro Village's backyard barbecue. Visit Phil Alcon, who tries to support Korean artist by peddling their work at Chamorro Village, the first store on the right after the lights.

I' m going to Guam, where I've lived for the last 28 years. I' ve just spoken to a girlfriend and she said there's a great Farmer's Market in Paseo on Wednesday evening and I think there's a show on Wednesday even. but I wasn't sure I was hearing it right.

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