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North Korea threatens US air base in Guam because Trump promises'fire and rage' | World Press Releases

Nordkorea has said it is considering a rocket attack on the US Pacific region of Guam just a few hour after Donald Trump alerted the government that any threats to the United States would be answered with "fire and fury". Threatened by the state press office KCNA, the threatening situation dramatically increased tension and caused Washington not to get involved in a military conflict with North Korea.

Pyongyang said it was a plot to "carefully investigate" Guam, 3,400 km away, and was threatening to generate an "enveloping fire" around the area. In Guam there is a US army basis with a U-boat relay, an air force and a coast guard. Guam's Eddie Calvo on Wednesday tried to assure the people that there was "no danger" of a NK strikes, but added that the country was "definitely prepared".

He said in an on-line videotape that he had been informed by the US defense and home protection authorities that the situation had not changed. In a declaration on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Korea People's army (KPA) said that a scheme would be put into action as soon as the order to assault Guam was given by the country's chief, Kim Jong-un.

"KPA's strategical power is now thoroughly reviewing the deployment plans for a perimeter fire in the areas around Guam with the medium to long-range Hwasong-12 strategical missile to contain the main U.S. air forces in Guam, which includes the Anderson Air Forces, " the spokesperson said. Citing a second spokesperson for the armed forces who accused Washington of planning a "preventive war," KCNA added that any attempts to invade the North would "trigger a total conflict and wipe out all enemy fortresses, even on the American mainland".

In order to prevent such a move, the US should stop its "ruthless militar provocation" against Noordorea. Thereupon, South Korea's Moon Jae-in demanded an update of the country's forces and pointed to the "urgent" need to enhance its capability to fight off DPRK-launches.

"We may need a full reincarnation defense overhaul instead of some improvement or modification," Moon said Yonhap reported. According to the Unity Department, which deals with cross-border relationships, the threats against Guam would harm efforts to enhance inter-Korean relationships.

"We' re observing the growing rhetoric of the Korean peninsula with great concern," the spokesperson of the Federal Department of State, Martin Schaefer, said to journalists. Tension in the area has increased since North Korea conducted two atomic weapon trials last year and started two ICBMs last months. The North Korean warlike speech is making trouble in Japan.

His Defense Department on Tuesday cautioned that it was possible that Pyongyang had miniaturized its atomic weapons. On Tuesday, Japan-based combatants carried out aerial exercises with U.S. sonic attackers near the Korea DPRK, Japan's aerial self-defense force said. The previous two B-1 airliners from Guam were flying over the Korea as part of their "continuous bombing presence", a US officer said.

U.S. intelligence and defense officers in Guam, which is within reach of midrange and long-range rockets from northern Korea, said there was no immediate danger to the populations there or elsewhere on northern Mariana Islands. Guam's Ministry of Home and Civilian Protection said they were watching DPRK with U.S. army and federal agents.

Guam's Heritage Advisor George Charfauros said officers were optimistic that the U.S. Defense Ministry "is watching this state of affairs very carefully and on standby". However, Guam Legislative Spokesman Benjamin J. Cruz said that the Guamese" only pray that the United States and the defense system we have here will be enough to defend us".

He said to the Associated Press that the menace was "very disturbing. However, North Korea's specialists downplayed the possibility of a bombing of Guam. "The North Koreans have taken the Guam menace from the skies. Sure, there's a general map on a shelves somewhere, because Guam is an important US point of amplification, but I don't think there's anything right away.

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