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By law, they are obliged to consider the effects of their choices on their employees, clients, vendors, society and the natural world. By law, they are obliged to consider the effects of their choices on their employees, clients, vendors, society and the natural world. It is a fellowship of executives that drives a worldwide move of individuals who use the shop as a power for good. The advantages of "radical reciprocity", the pathological urgency, harm our companies.

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: The Bring Attention To Item - HTML: hyper-text markup language

Use the HTML brings attraction to item () to make the user aware of the content of the item, which otherwise has no particular meaning. It was formerly known as the bold type item, and most webbrowser still use bold type to display the text. You should not use for text style; instead, you should use the plain text creation feature using either the plain text creation feature using plain text or the item to indicate that text is of particular importance.

The item contains only the overall attribute. For cases such as key words in a resume, the name of a products in a book review, or other text areas that would typically appear in bold (but without particular meaning), use . Don't mix up the item with the items , or .

is a text of certain meaning, emphasizes the text and the elements represent text of certain meaning. tag does not communicate such specific information; use it only when no others match. You should also not select the title and headers with the item .

In addition, the stylesheet can modify the standard styles of these items so that they are not necessarily shown inboldface. It' good practise to use the form attribut on the item to provide extra semantical information if needed (e.g. for the first record in a paragraph).

From a historical point of view, the has been designed to make text bolder. Since HTML4, style information has become obsolete, so the significance of the item has been modified. When there is no grammatical reason to use the item, you should use the attribute with the value "bold" instead to make text bolder.

Declares its use in a HTML documen. item, probably inbolded. Describes their use in an HTML-dokument. Key words are shown with the item's defaults < b >, probably inboldface. Prior to Firefox 4, this item used to implement the HTML span elements user-interface in lieu of the defaults HTMLSTMLElements.

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