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Previously enrolled in the Android O Beta programme, you will need to re-enroll to receive Android P. Prior enrollment does not lead to Android P. Britain's most popular cruise line, with cruises to hundreds of destinations you should definitely visit, including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and more. Find out why P&O offers several ferry connections from the UK to France, Ireland and Europe with the largest fleet on the continent!

The Android P functions you'll love: Enhanced photos and videos with HDR and HEIF

With Android P, it's not just about functions that could alter the way you use your mobile device; there are also some innovations that will alter the way you see things while using it. Both of these extensions will be dependant on your computer's operating system, but we are quite sure that they are supported by all Android users.

High Efficiency HEIF (file format, pronounced HEIF ) is a fairly new way to encode images and it comes to Android P. You may have realized that some data type, such as bitmap (a.bmp file) are much larger than other data type, such as.jpgs. as well. Nearly every single compression can be done at least once.

There is an algorithms that scans the files and does things like deleting double files, reducing colour and using curves to bring very similarly coloured pixel to the same colour. It can be a very large spreadsheet, like a 50MB . Use TIFF files and zip them to a much smaller 2MB. megabytes. and our view will see very little change if done well.

Your Android mobile should look the same, but the file size will be much smaller. Secondly, the ad we use to see the pictures cannot play back all the information, and the file can be reduced to 16 million colours in the best possible resolution and 8 colours in the absolutely poorest case.

There is no 8-colour screen on your telephone, no difference who made it, and some telephones have a 24-bit screen (known as TruColor and able to show 16 million colours). Probabilities are the cameras on your telephone store pictures as 16 or 24 bit. You will not know that some of the pictures have been removed.

The HEIF goes one stage further than JPEG and can shrink to a smaller format without compromising picture resolution, but above all it can store some additional information about the picture itself. Compressing with HEIF in Apple's 11 software, and most folks can't tell the difference. That' s what Apple has done. Additional information that can be saved in a HEIF format: This information can be saved in a HEIF format:

Burst pictures can be stored with all frames in one document. Rotational information to display the picture at 0/360, 90, 180 and 270 degree offsets. Auxiliary elements such as an alphabetic or deep chart are stored in the database. Not all of these functions will be used by Android, at least not at first.

We' ll take advantage of the smaller filesize and thumbnail views, and it is said that some files are stored in a HEIF generated by Android in burn state. Compression of HEIC (High Efficiency Image Compression) pictures and their display is supported by Android. If your telephone requires an Image Signal Processor (ISP) that is able to "create" a HEIC image, any telephone that receives Android P can display it.

When you use Chrome or Android, you've already seen VP9 videos, even if you didn't know it! It is a good compressed file with no significant degradation and sites like YouTube and Google Play Movies use it for Android and Chrome. Android P supports these VP9 flows native and displays them with HDR (High Density Range).

It is possible that you have never seen an HDR monitor with HDR contents. When you' ve seen HDR on a good monitor, you know how awesome it is. There is a much greater discrepancy than 1080p to HD4K movie, especially on a large monitor. You' ll need a mobile device that can show HDR contents, but we've seen them for a while, and mobile devices like the LG V30 and its beautiful 6-inch PSP LED monitor will really enjoy having pure HDR available to anyone who wants to use it.

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