Hotel D Urville new Zealand

Hôtel D Urville New Zealand

Check hotel rates and find the lowest price for Hotel d'Urville Hotel in Blenheim. Incorporate a stay at the Hotel d'Urville for your tailor-made holiday in New Zealand. This small boutique hotel near the city centre has ten large, well-equipped rooms, an elegant bar and a modern restaurant. Accommodation d'Urville Locations, prices, amenities: Expert Blenheim Research, Hotel and Travel Index only. The Hotel d'Urville offers a unique blend of originality, classic charm and international quality.

Marlborough Hotel d'Urville Review, New Zealand

Situated in a lively alley in the center of Blenheim, the Hotel d'Urville is an exclusive hotel. It is only five minutes by car from the beginning of the vineyard path, where big names such as Cloudy Bay, Villa Maria and Giesen have settled next to lesser-known brands such as St. Clair and Herzog.

The hotel, which dates from the 1920' s, was renamed after Dumont d'Urville, a 19 th centurys discoverer from France who mapped the Marlborough Sounds. Like many city resorts, there are few amenities and no fitness studio, swimming pools or spas, but with so much to see on your front door, that's not a big deal. Please note that there may be a lot of noises in the rooms at the front of the house due to heavy vehicles and early mornings.

It is a modest hotel with an excellent menu of grilled meat, such as game and roasted beef.

Situated in a good position - review of Hotel d'Urville, Blenheim, New Zealand

The fiancé took me to the Hotel d'Urville as a special anniversary present - I had never been there before! For those who enjoy eating, wining and relaxation, the Hotel d'Urville is a must! Definitely staying in the d'urville suites If available, it just had a re-vamp when we remained - it's nice!

Chalet Hotel

The Hotel d'Urville provides a uniquely mix of authenticity, classical charms and cosmopolitanism. The eleven-room hotel was designed for those who are looking for something different, something different and magic. Always a favourite, our award-winning shellfish and barbecue place provides a one-of-a-kind dinner event, where the decoration is clear, contemporary design and our a la carte meal is prepared to pamper your palate in a one-of-a-kind eating sensation you will never want to miss.

We recommend making a reservation in the hotel or in the hotel room. Our cooks in our award-winning restaurants will prepare a wonderful treat for you. Please do not hesitate to ask this company if you have any questions about New Zealand health and safety regulations, as products/offers are subject to changes without prior notification.

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