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As you can see in Samoa: 6 paces (with pictures)

A wonderful, intriguing and inviting cultural holiday city. It is also a traditional civilization, and your appreciation of indigenous traditions, especially when dealing with grown-ups or chieftains, is respected and well-respected. But Samoa is tropic, but it's impossible. Sitting with your feet crossing when sitting in a "Fale Samoa" around others.

" When your feet get fatigued while you're seated, and you need to show them up, put a pad over them or put them away from everyone else. Demonstrate your respectfulness to the oldest. When you get up, never speak to the oldest. It is common to speak to them while seated, and when they sit, crouch or knee on a seat to do so.

You say "tulou", which means that you overtake someone older than you when he is on the ground or in a highchair. Be respectful of your faith. The most Samoans are Christians, and most of them are very sectarian. Please observe the nightly ban on prayers. Curfews usually last 10-20 min. between 6-7 pm.

Have Sunday in mind. Understand that most shops are Sunday shut, so get what you need. Travelling around the village on Sunday is slow and you should be generally calm and considerate. A lot of folks like to be shot, but ask first and consider the desires of those who don't want to be made.

It'?s common to belch out and congratulate the chef after dinner. While most Samoans are fluent in English, you can meet some Samoan -speaking Samoan only. Keep in mind you are in Samoa, so try to get the best possible communication with your mother tongue and maybe even some Samoan before you leave.

Samoan Chiefs have their own tongue known as Matai, so if you need to say anything to them, talk to their interpreter instead of directly to the boss. Do not show irreverence towards the elder or other people.

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