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INTERNACIONAL CLOCK Exiled Representatives from USA, Fiji & Samoa | June 11, 2018 | News

With a 62-13 win over Russia in Denver, Bryce Campbell and USA Eagles have launched their Emirates Airline Summers Series. The next USA match will take place on Saturday in Houston against Scotland before concluding their summers against rival Canada. Manu Samoan Motu Matu'u, an internationally renowned whore who is also one of six enlisted men who made the switch to Ireland, went upside down with Exile and Fiji firmhead Manasa Saulo during a vibrant match in the opening round of the Pacific Nations Cup at ANZ Stadium.

With four attempts, Fiji won an impressing victory. As Samoa prepare for a home and away match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup against the winners of the Europe qualifiers next week-end between Germany and Portugal, they had few responses as the host nation took a 24-3 advantage at the start of the second half.

Although Tafua's side recovered in the last three months, Fiji won 24-22 in the second and last round of the game on 16 June. Host Fiji will face Georgia next Saturday after the Europeans won 16-15 against Tonga in the opening match.

This means that Georgia will enter the game with a shot at ending their first Pacific Nations Cup of Nations battle topper.

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