Samoa City

city of Samoa

City of Samoa Samoa is one of the most thrilling cities in Humboldt County. Buying a pensioned logging village and renovating the urban renewal plans will not only create the necessary infrastructures to rebuild and maintain the current seaside city, but will also develop the municipality into a flourishing mixed-use area.

With a city plaza, artists' workshops, kilometres of footpaths, a lightweight industry zone as well as a multitude of residential forms and an apartment building, the city will preserve its pristine charme and personality through the maintenance of its current houses. From 2019 the houses in Samoa will be on offer.

The present inhabitants of Samoa have the right to buy either the house in which they are living or another house in the city. Samoa's story goes back to the early 1800s, as a woodcutting community intimately linked to the emergence and decline of the Humboldt County red-wood industries. The Samoa Land and Improvement Company was founded in 1892 by several eminent people of Eureka.

Nearly two hundred and seventy mornings were bought to construct the city of Samoa, an area formerly known as Coney lsland of the Pacific. It was later called Samoa because of the appeal of the Pacific Islands. 1893 E.H. Vance bought lands on the Samoa promontory to construct a new saw mill.

In the same year the Samoa Cookhouse was opened to service the staff of the saw mill. Sometimes 500 men were eaten per lunch. In 2001 Samoa was bought by the Samoa Pacific Group from the Simpson-Samoa Company. It is one of the few preserved surviving company towns in the United States.

At present, the 94 current residencies and the Samoa Women's Club are administered by Danco Property Management. The historical Samoa mansion, erected in 1908, is now available for your weddings, parties, meetings or work outings. Samoa Women's Club is the ideal place for your marriage, celebration or conference. The Samoa Women's Club is fully furnished with a complete cuisine, desks and seats, free WiFi and more. It provides a versatile room for your meetings.

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