Oahu things to do and see

To do Oahu things and see

Let's take a look at the best things in Honolulu, Aloha! ("Not my favorite place, but nice to see). Looking for activities in Oahu on vacation? Nevertheless, it is an area that far too many visitors never notice. There are dozens of exciting Oahu activities nearby.

#10+ activities in North Shore Oahu (#5 is my favorite)

Oahu is one of the most visited holiday resorts in the state. Featuring hot temperatures, calm water and sparkling sands available all year round, there are so many good reason to travel to Oahu that it would be more difficult to understand why you are not going to this stunning hawaiian isle.

However, if you make it to Oahu, you will find that it is a larger isle than you might have foreseen. Entrance to many of these top activities and rides is free on the Go Oahu Cards. Do you plan to stay some days on other parts of the isle?

Have a look at our article about things in Honolulu for more funny outlooks. If you are looking for a very unique Oahu event, you won't want to miss the Alii Luau and Dinner Show at the Polynesian Cultural Center. The Polynesian Cultural Center Luau ticket is available as an optional feature on the 3, 5 and 7-day Go Oahu® cards.

The most popular tourist destination on Oahu is the PCC. Discover their 42 hectares of astonishing culture from canoeing to javelin casting to the shells of coconuts. The Go Oahu voucher includes the Polynesian Culture Centre ticket. Discover the luxuriant scenery of Oahu with this voyaging catamaran tour on the Kualoa Ranch.

Visit the water around the farm and enjoy fantastic scenery including K?neohe Bay, Mokolii Island (also known as Chinaman's Hat) and Hokalua Beach. The Kualoa Catamaran Guided Catamaran Cruise Ticket is part of the Go Oahu Cards. A further offer from Kualoa Farm, this privately owned beachfront area is fittingly called Secret Island Beach.

Or if you want to be a bit more energetic, you can spend three long hrs enjoying favourite sea sports such as sand volley, bathing min clay, kayak and much more. The Oahu Secret Island beaches activity is part of the Go Oahu Cruise Club Cards. Many of your favourite films and TV shows have been shot on Oahu.

This is an attention-getter not to be missed. The Kualoa Ranch Site Tour is part of the Go Oahu Cards. The Kualoa Ranch Jungle Tour is just the thing for you if you just can't get enough of discovering Oahu's pristine beauties.

The Kualoa Ranch Jungle Tour ticket is part of the Go Oahu Cruise Ticket. The beautiful Waimea Valley is with over 1,800 hectares one of the last strongholds of untouched nature on the whole isle. The Waimea Valley ticket is part of the Go Oahu voucher. Oahu® Semi-Private Surf Courses for beginners are available as an optional extra on the 3, 5 and 7 day Go Oahu® Cards.

The Oahu Standup Paddle Board Rental is supplied with the Go Oahu Cards. The Oahu Kayak Rental is contained in the Go Oahu Kayak Cards. Sunset Park, one of the most sought after open spaces in Oahu, is attractive all year round. This is also a comfortable seaside adventure with baths and shower facilities in the vicinity.

Entrance to Sunset Park is free. It is a snorkelling and swim area. The Oahu is such a beautiful place to go exploring, and the zippered liner is a great way to make a true experience of the outdoors. CLIMB Works is sold seperately and is not on the Go Oahu voucher.

For more information about this event and to buy your ticket, please go to the attraction's website. Remember - many of these great attractions and more are on the Go Oahu voucher, where you can get up to 55% off the entrance fee compared to payment at the gates. Hopefully you are considering some of these funny features to add to your Oahu holiday itineraries.

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