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I' m a member of Raviz and I hate to admit that they have a terrible customer service. Employees have no idea what's happening around them. Raviz in Kollam is a hot property with its own floating restaurant. Raviz also has private islands that can be used for island weddings. Raviz Kollam, Kerala.

The Raviz Kollam 5 Stars Ristorante - Review of The Riverside, Kollam, India

During the Christmas season we had a rich meal in this fabulous place with a view of the baking waters of Lac Ashtamudi. Now, the ", Riverside" is re-named into the" Keraleeyam" eatery, serving good breakfasts, lunches and dinners... We had our breakfasts and dinners during our time in Raviz Ashtamudi.... There was an exquisite continental breakfastbuffet, many kinds.....

The buffet lunch/dinner seems to be quite high, so we decided for a la carte...The chef Rajesh came to us and asked for the meal...especially with my child...Our particular thanks go to Rajesh..... There is an outdoor seating area with a beautiful backwater view....really great views..... First there' s this place at the Ravy hoteI, on the sea.

Raviz Kadavu in Mathilil, Kollam

Collam is a nice village on Lake Ashtamudi, 71 km from Trivandrum, the mainland of Kerala. It is located in the lower part of the country in the southwest. It is bordered to the east by the state of Tamil Nadu, to the north by Pathanamthitta, to the east by Trivandrum and to the east by the vast Laksadweep Isles of the Arabian Sea, and is linked to the remainder of the state by continual highways.

It is located between Lake Ashtamudi and the Arabian Sea. Wellcome to Raviz, Lake Ashtamudi. Situated in the centre of Kerala's luxuriant hinterland, in Kollam. Specially designed for the demanding, the Raviz skilfully blends historical ambiance with contemporary luxury.

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This' swimming restaurant' provides a stunning setting for a personal event like a marriage! Make your reception in tradional fashion with ladies in tradional Kerala-Saree and welcome you with festoons and thataalams. When you are looking for a rich Kerala welcome, you can schedule an opening scene in which the bridegroom comes in on an Elephant and the bride in a Palace.

You can receive them in a traditionally decorated frame with urrlis and marigolds. At a less intimate event we can create a framework in which the groom and groom make their promises on the Raanthal and the other visitors circumnavigate in open-boats. Imagine this house boat marriage under the silvery moon light with nothing but lights and ambient illumination to emphasize the marriage celebration in the midst of the ocean!

Raviz has three privately owned islets that can be used for marriages. There is space for 150-200 persons on these isles in the centre of the Ashtamudi Sea. This unrestrained island has the ideal ambience for a peaceful and intimate event, away from the hectic pace of the town. You can have fireworks and wish for a lamp in the centre of the pond.

After your marriage, a romantic evening meal for two with personalised services from Raviz employees can also be organised as a flamenco add-on or something more. Raviz can also provide their house boats for weddings and weddings. Some house boats can only be rented for a Honeymoon. This luxurious AC houseboat offers great sight-seeing for you!

Raviz also has a "conference boat" that can accommodate 85 persons onboard. Raviz has 93 large rooms that can be reserved through Go Tamarind. Raviz has well-equipped rooms with the latest equipment such as wood floors, 46-inch LEDs and large luxury bathrooms.

There is a mixture of old-fashioned cultural and cityscape. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with en-suite bathrooms and en-suite bathrooms, and en-suite bathrooms with en-suite shower and toilet, and balcony area. Raviz Royal Suite7 Room Specialities: Room with en-suite pool. Home spas. Raviz has two holiday homes on the shores of the sea, built in Kerala style tradition.

Raviz is located on the shore of the famous Azhtamudi Sea. It is the second biggest and lowest wetlands in India and is home to many unique and endemic animal and plant life. On the Ashtamudi Sea the path leads into the Arabian Sea and paves the way to wonderful and landscape landmarks on the skyline.

Raviz offers a house boating tour to discover the beauties of Lake Ashtamudi. Raviz is also close to a lagoon that can be discovered by sea or overland. Raviz is in the centre of Kollam and is intimately linked to many of the district's touristic attractions.

Below are some of the most important places near Raviz that can make your marriage even more unforgettable. Kollam Beach - A wonderful vastness of ocean and sandy beach, 5 km from Raviz The Thangasherry Lighthouse, a renowned Kollam memorial - 6 km away. Aluminium carcass vu - The home of nature's choral creators and the ancient producers of house boats or warships.

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