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Comes from the spanisch castle ("bubble"). By Tagalog bula ("bubble"). Proto-Oceania, Proto-Malayo-Polynesia *wada ("exist"). bula! hello! Reminiscent of the medieval Roman porthole ("seal, signed file; bull"), of the Roman porthole ("bubble, round object"). doublets by bolah and bolah. Translated from Ottoman Türkish (bula, bola). Lent by the roman bulla ("bubble"). Lent by the medieval Roman porthole.

Reminiscent of the medieval Roman porthole ("seal, signed file; bull"), of the Roman porthole ("bubble, round object"). doublets of Bolan and Polla.


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Britisch - Association of Ukrainians of Lawyers

and the British-Ukrainian Bar Association. Aims of the association are: Promotion and support for vocational relations between attorneys in the United Kingdom and Ukraine; support for the advancement of the professions in Ukraine by all appropriate means, interchange, traineeships and education programs (but not restricted to), provision of information and counselling, promotion of Ukrainian and UK based workshop and seminar on subjects of common interest; establishment of a UK lawyers' platform to work in and with Ukraine and inverse.

It is headed by a committee whose authority and tasks are laid down in the statutes. was established in 1993, with the opening ceremony on 16 February 1993 at Queen's Room, Middle Temple, London. The visit was made by the Ambassador of Ukraine at the court of St. James, His Excellency Serhiy Komissarenko.

From its founding until his tragic deaths on 9 October 2015, the Association's Honorary President was the respected former Deputy Prime Minister and State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Lord Howe von Aberavon, CH, QC. The Ukrainian Embassy and in particular the Second Messenger of the Court of St James, His Excellency Professor Volodymyr Vassylenko, also a respected attorney, who was a Justice of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Republic of Yugoslavia in The Hague, were our patrons.

Its first chairman was Richard Behar. John Dixon, later His Honorary Judge Dixon, took the chair from 2001 until his tragic passing on August 12, 2014. Alexander Walsh and then Yuri Botiuk followed him, who did an immense amount of work to increase the association's memberships and activity, especially in Ukraine.

Eugenia Rebotunova, who had previously been the secretary in charge of the development of the association, is the Chair. On 11 October 2017, the General Assembly of the Association at Bryan Cave was honored by the attendance of Her Excellency Mrs. Natalia Galibarenko, Ambassador of Ukraine, who spoke at the session on the importance of supporting the constitutional state and democratic processes in Ukraine and informed the members about the judiciary reform.

It asked the Association to cooperate with the Embassy and to help reform the judiciary. It would like to thank everyone, especially Lord Howe and Judge Dixon, for their inestimable contribution to the work of the Association. BULA memberships are open to company, single and associated members.

The full memberships are open to highly skilled lawyers and student lawyers from the United Kingdom and Ukraine. BULA members are provided with unique material on its activities and have direct contact to our UK and Ukrainian workshops and activities.

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