How many Islands are there in new Zealand

What is the number of islands in New Zealand?

There are many reasons why New Zealand's biota is of international interest. P?whairangi knew it as P?whairangi and settled here early in their hikes. Get the best fares to Kerikeri, Bay of Islands with Air New Zealand.

Seems the deal you were looking for isn't available. Antarctic Skuas, Snow Petrels, Southern Petrels and many other birds.


Jacques Cousteau is one of the top 10 diving sites in the whole wide range, Poor Knights Island is a snorkeling, sailing and exploration area. It' s simple to reach from Northland or rent a yacht from Tutukaka, Bay of Islands or Auckland. From central Auckland take the shuttle to Rangitoto Island and discover vulcanic territory and vertical expanses of land on your way up for a 360 degree look.

See life with the 600 people living in those areas and marvel at the life with bluish pinguins or bay kiwis. The Waiheke Islands is a must for anyone who visits Auckland, the Waiheke Islands shuttle is only 40min. This means that you can drink a glass of good quality water in no more than a short while. Go on a vineyard trip or just take the shuttle service to discover the islands that have been chosen as the best in the whole wide underworld.

In spite of its small number of inhabitants, Great Barrier Island has much to boast, with woods, sandy shores and coves to explore. Just 30 mins from Auckland, you can sleep in a tents or in a luxurious eco-lodge. Auckland and Wellington regularly operate direct to the wild where you can sample great shellfish and observe fascinating game.

New Zealand North Isle Islands

Maori Te Ika-a-Maui, North Isle, the smaller of New Zealand's two main islands in the South Pacific. It' separate from the South Isle by Cook Strait. It is a part of a chain of mountains (continuation of the South Isles ) that runs parallel to the eastern part.

This mountain ranges peaks at Mount Ruapehu (2,797 metres) in Tongariro Park (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990). Precipitation, which is strongest in the wintry seasons, tends to be more evenly spread than on the South Island. Northern Island has the vast majority nationwide and gains an ever-increasing share, focused near the large metropolitan areas, Wellington (the nation's capital) and Auckland.

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