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Port of Pago Pago

Ocean carrier with Pago Pago port calls. Development master plan for the port of Pago Pago, American Samoa. Pago Pago harbour and airport were closed on Friday because of the storm that moved away from Tutuila, the largest island in American Samoa. Time in Pago Pago and Port-au-Prince? AND IS MANAGED BY THE PORT AUTHORITY, DR.

Harbour 6 Pago Pago - Mooring at Fagatogo

In spite of the hot water that slowed down the Crown Princess on her way from Hawaii to Samoa, we had no problems getting the 78 miles/125 kilometres (like the flight of the sorrel fox) from Apia, Samoa to neighbouring Pago Pago, American Samoa. This brief voyage also called for a voyage back in history, of course, as we once again traversed the International Date Line between the two archipelagos.

Ursula, Al and Lisa Fittipaldi, and I got off the boat in Fagatogo, which is only a brief stroll away to the American Samoa capitol, Pago Pago. Since I have already dealt with this travel goal in detail, this section of our journey will be brief on text and long on photos.

To learn more about American Samoa, please check out these link from my earlier articles: The first task was to walk to Pago Pago so that Al and Lisa could stamp the National Park Pass with the most western US National Park, the National Park of American Samoa.

Do not miss this chance if you want to register all your National Parks with your own passports. It is headquartered in Pago Pago and not in the real estate. During this walk you should take the chance to take pictures of the colourful city busses:

Luckily we found one who was educational, kind and funny, and he was from the other Samoa.


Samoa (August 11, 1998 - Samoa News )---Governor Tauese Sunia has ordered the Treasurer of the Government of Samoa (ASG), Tifimalae Ale, to settle the invoices to Harbor Refuse and Environmental Services (HRES) in order to prevent a closure of the port of Pago Pago. Until August 15, the US Coast Guard has given the Department of Port Administration (DPA) time to re-activate its five-year relations with HRES by covering almost $15,000 in debts.

Otherwise, the U.S. Coast Guard has indicated it will shut down the port. In the absence of HRES, the Pago Pago port will not be able to manage the disposal of used oils from merchant and fishery vessels and it will not be able to remove pollution from oils in municipal water.

Harbour Director Fa'aua'a Elisara informed Samoa News that Governor Tauese agreed that payments should be made to HRES before the expiry of the time limit and that orders were passed on to the ASG treasurer. The HRES ended its service for the ASG on 31 July. Tales from SAMOA NEWS, the American Samoa paper, may not be published without authorization.

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