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Samoa (American territory of the USA). Long-lasting and colourful, our flag from American Samoa is well made, with authentic design and in the right ratio. Dawn and sundown in American Samoa, territory of There is no need to worry, all periods are for American Samoa, territory of. The data are basing on the Grigorian calender. Apohelion was on 6 ?

????? 2018 p. 5:46 in American Samoa, territory of. Earth was the furthest away from the sun at that period. The latest dawn is on 9 ?????? or 10 ??????.

Amerikanisch-Samoa - Overview of the energy profile of the territory

Much of the Samoa power is used to supply and purify potable and potable waters and to gather, purify and purify wastewaters. US Samoa's power tariffs varied with the price of oil in the US; in mid-2017 they were 2.3x the US mean and similar to Hawaii's national tariff. By 2016, the Manu'a Group's biggest Manu'a Islands in Samoa, Ta'u, USA, was switched to 100% PV power production, which will replace the consumption of about 100,000 gal. gall. of a year.

By 2025 the aim of the ASRC is to generate 50% and by 2040 100% of its power from renewables.

Drugs suspect to evacuate the area. Samoa, United States.

AMERICAN SAMOA, Pago Pago - A man sentenced for illegal drugs seizure in 2013 has been ordered to leave American Samoa and go back to his home state for the length of his 15-year suspended prison term. Last fortnight Filisi Setefano attended a parole violating hearings in the Supreme Court, where the director of the parole office attested that Setefano should find a position under paroleing.

In August 2013, when he was convicted, Setefano was to spend 60 month in prison, but after 34 month the accused tried to be released so that he could find a stable place of work for his own families. Setefano was released from prison in May 2016 on conditions of employment.

They found him work in a baker's shop and were able to get a salary check, as was announced in the courts. He was, however, taken into detention upon expiry of his identity card by order of the Aliens Department. Judicial information says that Setefano has twice filed applications with Internal Affairs to update his immigrant documents so he could stay in American Samoa, but both time the committee turned them down.

And now that Setefano is no longer a permanent employee, the parole office has applied for his parole to be revoked. Setefano's lawyer, Public Defender Douglas Fiaui, asked the tribunal to give the accused two extra days to allow his lawyer to work on the renewal of his immigrant documents. It was dismissed by the Supreme Administrative Tribunal.

Elvis Patea, Acting Associate Justice, said that the courts have no power to keep a foreign national in American Samoa if that person's immigrant documents are not in order; only the Department of Migration has that power. During the interview it became known that Setefano had two babies from American Samoa who are still in the area, although his woman currently lives in Alaska.

At the end, the tribunal changed Setefano's parole and ordered him to leave the area and stay outside his boundaries for the 15-year suspended prison term imposed in 2013. Setefano will stay in detention at TCF until his departure.

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