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On The Greater Good? Kommandants and drones. Thats not the kind of armies that would usually gain GT, but it certainly came near many times. Sure. Under the new Tau Code, the number of commands is limited to 0-1 per command, i.

e. a limit of 3 in all. Rather than doing the classical codex revision, where I go through the codex one by one, I will only be covering entities that are powerful or deceptive and why they are built on a first reading.

I will also give an impression of what a possible tau construct might look like to give you a good baseline to work with. commander/cold star commander: I' m a big admirer of Cold Star commander because they are able to move 20-40? in one go.

I would either equip it with 4 fusing pistols and use it simply as an unbelievably dependable portable anti-tank solution that your enemy can't fire at or can't fire thanks to flying. Any one of these types can fire 12 S5 Ap-1 rounds, hitting 2 rounds. But one of the really great things about these boys is their 20-40? move and creep up on a guy your adversary thought was secure and would simply destroy.

When you have a fairly statical way of firing kernel (which I will be covering later) with a reroll several reels to meet a match can be the main one. He not only gives the great Tau-Gunline something she needs urgently, in the shape of a retreat and a shot, but also a small injury benefit.

I' ve seen some of these fellas make a hit list. Camouflage suit: Dew is an armies that by definition must fire from the tables to do harm. You have no mental power or true battle ability to engage troops in battle.

There' s a choice of falling back and shooting more. Besides having the beautiful flying keyword and infiltrating it, which is already a very successful combination, they are also pretty hard to get in reach to destroy. Take like 12-18 of these blokes in batches of 3 can get unbelievably aggravating, especially for other shootingy armies.

STEALTUITS are really one of the most underrated items in the game. Taking and wounding a retide with 20 rounds of rerolling with heavily burned gun and texting is no allusion. You can get some crazy firepower with these dudes firing three rounds each at 18 between the heart rate monitor dron.

Aside from the wounded bonus of Darks Striders, and drop back and fire all for 7 points! This is a fantastic military option, and with the Tau'sept property loaded into an armies of these boys, it can be unbelievably hard. Ten of these blokes are pumping out 30 S5 rounds hitting on 5s with surveillance, that's nothing to jog a cane on.

You put that in with For The Greater Good, you can have a slightly uninvited force. While they are used similar to scout, ranger, cultist, etc., I think it is better to choose camouflage dresses in the Tau world. They will supply all the marker lights for your armies that are necessary to really make the dew juice flow.

For Tau, it is especially important to remove the guard, because when a Marine and the like go from the classical 3+ armour to a 2+, the firing effectiveness is actually halved. They are not even anything special, but they have a good footprint-sized, they are very quick, have ok fire power, and flying.

You can also be in the cathegory "it would be great to have, but they are the first to be made. "This will only show us in the course of the years. The Ignore LOS is an unbelievably mighty army firing utility, allowing you to communicate with otherwise untouchable troops. Devil fish are in the same class as waved snakes.

They' re not shooting enough to really justify taking a bunch of them, but they are tough, fairly cheap and offer a bunch of shelter for your fragile foot. In all likelihood I could take a few of these to protect some of them early and decrease the number of drops, and then use them as secondaries in later turns.

Well, now that I'm done with my diarrhoea verbally, allow me to give you a first notion for a tourney styles listing so you can see how it all comes together. √ĘThis is really basic, and I really suggest exchanging out a few measures to try things like croot, peiranhas, hammerheads oder solo-riptis and the drone and to support some flaws.

There are many and many shooting weapons, monitors with flies and an incredible surveillance. Not so much a level military as a point of departure to give you a baseline to improve your buil. I have my early gut feeling that Tau will be a proper GT force that is easy to walk 4-1, but walking with them can be tough.

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