Maori Gods

Mooris gods

List of deities from Maori mythology. These were the gods on which the life of the Maori depended. God's name "Haumia", Maori, the god of wild or uncultivated food. Maori people in New Zealand saw themselves and their lives closely linked to nature. The Maori gods and goddesses are the deities from New Zealand and have since been reborn by their descendants.

Pedigree of the Gods M?ori

It is an example of a pedigree of the gods of M?ori that shows the most important gods in the isthology of M?ori. The pedigree is only one example - there are noteworthy differences between regions. Original gods were Ranginui and Papat??nuku, heaven and earth. Anu-matao Te was the woman of Tangaroa. Hintitamauri was the woman of Punga.

Ahu-One, the forefather of the first people, was Tane's woman and mother of Hine Titama/Hine-Nui-Te-Po.

Mafia Gods and Goddesses - Phantheons

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Part 8 Fact 1: Atua Wahine

Then T?ne Hineahuone, the earthly virgin, brought Hineahuone to live and bred with her. When T?ne was gone, Hine-ata-uira began to wonder who her sire was. She ran away when she found out that her man was her dad, too.

As T?ne returned, he was said she had gone into the ghost realm, and he followed quickly, but he was held up by Huré herself in her new part as the Underground Divine Nui Te P?. "She said to him, "Go back and bring up our kids.

" Thus T?ne returned to this while Hine remained down and waited for the never-ending mortal parade into their kingdom. Hinemoana and Kiwa had a number of kids together. Some say Kiwa is Hinemoana's sister or her legal guardian. Others say Kiwa is Hinemoana's second. Several M?ori countries have histories in which Hinemoana is wed to Ranginui, the heavenly deity.

That causes envy for Daddy, the Human Being, another Rangi woman. There are those who say that it is Hine-te-iwaiwaiwa who helps at the entry in and exit from this planet. Ng?i T?hoe comes from Te Maunga (the mountain) and Çohurangi (the fog that encircles their mountains).

Known as the Children of Fog and the ascent of her every acre from the ground symbolizes the greetings of the Blessed Virgin to the Heavenly Father over it. P? Kohurangi, the goddess of the nebula, fallen in romance with Uenuku, a man and let him know that she came from another kingdom.

Finally the doors were opened, the lights streamed into her and as she touched her, Hine P? Kohurangi climbed onto the top of the building and bemoaned her departure from this state. In the end the above gods took compassion on him and brought him to heaven, where he became the raincir. Subtitles: P? Kohurangi 1998.

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