Ap Wood

Aperture wood

The Wood A P in St. Vincent. OTTOGAGON AP Academy: Student Recommendation Point: Technology and Integration: Part of TBAP

in April 2014. The Octagon AP Acadamy is a prime and second tier AP Acadamy in Wood Green, London. Up to 58 students who have difficulty studying and behaving in regular schools are supported by our university. Guided by a comprehensive approach, we want to enable our students to become the best they can be so that they can successfully participate in a larger group.

In KS3, our students pursue a syllabus of English, mathematics, science, ICT, sports and work-related disciplines, divided into small, well-supported groups. Furthermore, students are given additional assistance for alphabetisation and arithmetic. KS4 offers students the opportunity to study a number of GCSE courses, such as English, mathematics, science, art, and sports.

Our mission is to make sure that the training of our students is tailored to their unique needs and gives them the necessary abilities to reach the next stage of their lives. In addition to our academical syllabus, there is an enriching program for all students and local therapeutical work.

Octagon AP is proud of the work it does with partners, teachers and external agents to make sure that the school is a secure and pleasant place of learning where students are fully committed, enthusiastic, motivating and encouraging to pursue high goals. Our efforts to reintegrate students into general learning have been particularly fruitful.

We' re also working to ensure that students get the best possible results after 16th grade.

Ecological role of wetlands in the source area

On an international level, the wetland areas of the spring and highland areas offer many invaluable ecological achievements. Improved environment governance shows how all parties involved can benefit from these areas and minimise their potential adverse effects through climate change due to GHGs, hydrologic changes (especially floods, aquatic chemistry) and the emission of sediments.

The project assesses research that attempts to understanding the tolerance, exchange, control and balance within surface water environments and the effects of changes in marshlands.

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