Te Urewera National Park

Urewera National Park

The Urewera Te is a nature reserve and former national park in the area of Te Urewera, near the east coast of New Zealand's North Island. The Urewera is home to a vast world of breathtaking lakes, forests and mountains. Activities and backpacker hostels in Te Urewera National Park, New Zealand. The river, accessible from the border of the park Whakat?ne Slowly and steadily ascended from Onepoto, with the roots of the trees as the stairs of the path.

Urevera Te

Ruapani Circuit Track, which runs past 7 marshlands, is a great place to see marshlands such as scaffolding/p?pango, gray ducks/p?rera, Australia's coot and little slugs. The Waikaremoana is a favourite place for aquatic sports and most boats are allowed. Wear certified security gear and a map of the area.

Rowing canoes can be rented on Waikareiti if the Te Urewera Visitor Centre is open. Note that the weather is subject to rapid changes on the lakes. In Waikaremoana and Waikareiti there are brook and iris trouts. Permits can be purchased at Fish & Game New Zealand and the Waikaremoana Holiday Park Shop.

Totara Cabin is the oldest preserved cabin in Te Urewera. The name stands for the intensified wildlife management and the "golden age" of New Zealand stag hunt. You can rent a kayak in the parking garage. Imported wildlife such as stags and swine are found in the park and the hunt for these species is promoted.

The hunt is only possible with permission. To ensure the security of all your visitors and to support your searching and salvage efforts, you need a license. Get permission from the Te Urewera Board. The Urewera is located between the Bay of Plenty and Hawke's Bay on the northern island. Its closest cities are Whakatane and Taneatua in the northern part, Murupara and Ruatahuna in the western part and Wairoa in the eastern part.

The Waikaremoana can be reached from two different routes. Wairoa and the east coast with the north island and crosses the Te Urewera Visitor Centre in Aniwaniwa. You will find well-marked side streets to the most important boating docks, camping sites and walks. Private shuttles and sea shuttles will take you to both ends of Lake Waikaremoana Great Park all year round.

Hikers can park their car in the Waikaremoana Holiday Park, where they are safer than at the end of the hike. In order to reach the north part of Te Urewera via the Waimana Valley, take the Bell Road on SH2. The company is not responsible for damages to unsupervised cars in Te Urewera.

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