Is new Zealand Close to Antarctica

New Zealand near Antarctica

New Zealand's Antarctic Coin Award New Zealand's Antarctic Medal was introduced on 1 September 2006 as the New Zealand Royal Honour. New Zealand's Antarctic Medal superseded the (British) Polar Medal, introduced in 1904 under a British Royal Arrest Warrant, which was presented to those who had made remarkable contribution to research and understanding of the polar regions and "who were exposed to the dangers and strains of the polar world, whether on the ground, on water or in the sky, for their lives and physical activity".

After consultations with interested groups, the New Zealand Antarctica Medal was officially introduced by the Queen on September 1, 2006. New Zealand's Antarctica Medal may be given to "those New Zealanders and others who, either alone or as members of a New Zealand program in Antarctica, have made an exceptional contributions to research, science, preservation, environmentalism, or awareness of the Antarctic area; or to supporting the goals or activities of New Zealand or both in Antarctica".

It is not conferred for actions of courage, for short-term actions of excessive perseverance, for long periods of duty or for serving in Antarctica in general. View the shortlist of those who have received the New Zealand Antarctic Gold since 2006. For nomination for the New Zealand Antarctic Gold Nomination, see'The New Zealand Antarctic Gold Medal':

The New Zealand Antarctic Medals are usually presented as part of the New Year' s or Queen' s Birthday Honours Lists. New Zealand's Antarctic Gold is a 6th degree distinction and comes immediately after the Queen's service gold in order of wearing. Any New Zealand Antarctic medallist who achieves other achievements deserving of another distinction may be presented with a bar for his prize.

So far, no ingots have been assigned. New Zealand's Antarctic Medal is made of starlingsilver, and keeps the infamous octagon form and the polar medal's lanyard. On the front is the portrait of the Queen of Ian Rank-Broadley (United Kingdom), also used at the New Zealand Gallantry and Bravery Awards.

On the front is also the Elisabeth II Queen of New Zealand sign. On the back is a group of four emperor penguins on an antharctic scenery with Mt Erebus in the foreground. Full name of the consignee and date of presentation (the date of announcement) are inscribed on the edge of the coin.

New Zealand's Antarctic Medal was created by the New Zealand Herald of Arms. An insignia intended for daily use is given to live people. New Zealand's Antarctic Medal is currently produced by Eng Leong Medallic Industries Pte Ltd (Singapore). It also produces many of the New Zealand Army campaigns and services awards and The New Zealand Distinguished Services Decoration.

It is also possible to purchase a thumbnail of the coin. Your coin will be awarded in full at a Investitur, which usually takes place several month after the announcement of the prize.

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