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What to see in Guam

Watch our Guam Travel Guide Video and see most of Guam's tourist attractions. It's an island you just have to see. Tumon Beach, Guam's most popular tourist attraction, has advantages and disadvantages. Are you looking for activities in Guam? Finding activities in Guam with .

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Canal River Boat Trip. When you think you've already discovered all of Guam, think again, because the only thing you might need is a jungles river cruise that will allow you to discover the luxuriant jungles along the Talafofo and Ugum Rivers while on board the Adventure River cruiser. This picturesque trip, which I can suggest to anyone who visits Guam or lives in Guam, involves a trip to an old Chamorro settlement with slats, grindstones, caverns and a wonderful variety of wildlife.

I and my boyfriend made the Saturday am excursion that I didn't know about two month ago despite years of visits to Guam. We waited for the arrival of the touristic coach with the other cruising guests, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the crunchiness of this beautiful Saturday mornings and the views of the slimy rivers and the lush veg.

That smiles when the skipper/guides take a picture of you and your group before the beginning of the trip because at the end of the enjoyment and hassle-free trip you get a commemorative picture for only $15. When the ship was moving upriver, we were spoiled with a sensual, overloaded sky, thick jungles along the banks, rainforest fishing in the rivers and mudsy waters, which nevertheless preserve the abundant fauna and flora.

It also had to manoeuvre through bamboos hafts that found their way into the canal. On several occasions we paused to eat various species of Guam chicken and other species of sea bream, which the tourist managers presented to the people. On one point during the trip, the leader pointed to a "crocodile" just to see seconds later that he was just trying to tease me I was trying to keep away from the river boat's rim for the fear of being seized or bit by a genuine one.

A few moments later the river boat turned around and left the guests in the place of an old Chamorro settlement we had by before. It is one of the best places to be photographed on this trip, because there are only in Guam and the CNMI and nowhere else in the whole wide globe.

Pale rocks are columns on which antique Chamorro homes were already erected around 500 A.D. One of the leaders led us to the caverns, which were used as homes for oldsters. Passing by a group of inhabitants weave leafs of coco trees on their way to a small cottage where a young man showed how the old Chamorros made fires out of wood to the astonishment of the touristfort.

Guam's jungles river boat trip reminds me of a Sigatoka River Safari in the South Pacific country of Fiji in November 2010, as well as a children's holiday that enabled us to go swimming or wading in streams and watering canals. (Looking back, it was not a good and sure thing to rage in dams).

It took about two hour and was unexpectedly funny and instructive for people of all age. It' been a worthwhile investment to see parts of Guam you wouldn't otherwise see. Kayak on the Talofofo River. Another group of visitors kayaked on the Talafofo River just a few moments after the river boat landed to the site of an old Chamorro town.

Although we have not tried this sport, it certainly looks funny to those who love kayaking in the secluded tranquility of the Guam River and thick Guam Djungle. Guam's favourite coastline play area is also great to play at nights, as not only do the beaches, banks and riverside dining areas light up the shores of Tumon Bay, they also fill the atmosphere with insular sounds, smiles and cackling.

The relaxed sounds of the sea breeze, the readings in the sandy beaches that have been abandoned by enthusiasts and boyfriends, the walking past a man's net while his woman and child are waiting for him, or just to live the moments, could be exactly what you need after a long time.

It' not that only the little ones go to the biggest and only New York night club in Guam. Fe-Pa'go Cultural village. Situated on the south-east shore of the archipelago along the Inarajan Bay coastline, this small town shows the Chamorro tradition and its people.

It is a culture centre made of all kinds of material to imitate the Chamorro huts of the past and is open every day for handicrafts and folk shows. Several weaving masters are employed in the culture centre, who show the arts to interested people. Constructed in the centre of Hagatna in memory of his 1981 pilgrimage to Guam, the first Pope's pilgrimage to the Isle since the introduction of Christianity by the Jesuits in the seventeenth cent.

Guam seems to have more than enough streets and country lanes for an isle to house almost all kinds of vehicles. Situated at the northern tip of Guam, Ritidian Point is a protected area. A way through a rainforest of coconuts is one of the few indications that the country is a former one.

The majority of the area in this part of the archipelago is deserted and the only reasons why natives and visitors come here is to have a restful days on the beaches, especially on days of the week when there are few or no one. Now the best thing to see it is the beautiful views of the bay of Hagatna and Hagatna.

The gun of Fort Agueda was used to defend the port of Hagatna and the profitable galley business until the Spanish-American War, when an US fregate with flaming weapons arrived in the port of Hagatna in 1898. Even today the old Hagatna Bay Gun shows the remains of Fort Santo Agueda near the governor's palace.

The promenade of the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa is smaller than other promenades along Tumon Bays, but still offers a beautiful panoramic cove. Mermaid Tavern and Grille, in Hagatna, is proud to be "the only brewery that serves specialities of the day and Guam's only local beer.

" Guam and those who have already departed like this place for its cuisine, beverages, band life and music. Guam DFS Galleria. It was only out of a sense of inquisitiveness that I got to know the interior of the DFS Galleria this past months, after having visited Guam for years. That' s all you'd want from a deluxe dealer who unites world-famous names in one place.

Known as the "Old Spanish Bridge", the San Antonio was constructed by the Spaniards around 1800 from polished rock to cross the Hagatna riverbank. After the Hagatna bombardment in the Second Worldwar, the old viaduct was still in use after the Great Depression. However, during the restoration of Hagatna, which began in 1945, the channel it crossed was flooded and the stream divert.

Today it passes only through a flat swimmingpool in a park environment, which extends over the Marine Corps Drive from Hagatna Marina. Whenwood or " whenit " in the popular parlance is the local Guamia. When you buy wooden goods in stores and even along the roadside, be sure to make nice red wooden items while riding on country lanes.

It is" the biggest American-style mall" in Guam, with an all-day retail environment (Check out Macy's and Bench) and a range of rides, among them an outdoor entertainment centre known as Funtastic Park, Fiesta Food Court and Micronesia Mall Theaters.

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