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in Maui, Hawaii. 2017 Maui Family Holidays + Travel Tips Here you are right! I share almost 100 pictures of our Maui-Familienurlaub. When you are traveling to Maui, this article might give you some useful insight! Holiday destinations: We skip our holiday last year because we planned it way too far too far and there was nothing available as I was desperate for resort, cruise, something!

There were also really some last minute bookings. It was a great pity that I missed this holiday. Our aim is to take the whole house on holiday at least once a year, ideally in wintry times, because the wintry is more difficult to survive and it is really so nice to visit the house again in hot weather in late May.

The holiday is also good for the spirit and I regard this remainder as a present from the Lord. Maui and our story: That was our fifth time in Maui and that was the one I just didn't want to go home (see our Maui home holidays of 2015 here, 2014 here and 2011 here).

Me and my sisters were joking that we should move to Maui while drinking tea on the terrace in the mornings, inhaling the humid hot breezes and observing the sundown! Idaho I like, but I was just so lucky to be in Maui - no worry or strain for a sound 10 day (without traveling, since travelling with young kids is not the enjoyable part - Ha!).

We were walking around on this journey and explored everything we could by following the Amazon Affiliate Network (Maui Revealed) and taking the street to Hana - I think we came home exhausted when we walked away and I didn't run Maui back then.

But I wonder why they even went to Maui when they could go to Mexico, but my mind has dramatically shifted with our last 2 trips and I'm totally excited about Maui now. Make yourself an overall destination for your holiday so that you can go home and feel totally happy. The first journey to Maui was strenuous because we wanted to do EVERYTHING (and that was just us) and our last journey was the most relaxed and rewarding holiday of my whole existence (with 2 small children).

When you are out and about with older kids, you can probably have more adventures, but with the little ones it's okay to just make yourself comfortable and scrounge on the beaches every single mooch. Familyconvenient activites in Maui: All the only things we did below were snorkelling, aquariums and snorkelling, but otherwise the things we loved the most (beaches and snorkelling right on the beach) were free!

There' so many great snorkelling places right on the beaches of Wailea that you really don't have to buy the costly trips. Accommodation in Maui: I' d like to advise you to remain in the most beautiful place you can possibly have. It' rewarding to skimp and remain in a beautiful place, especially with a family.

Vacation-Renting By Owner is the best way to save on brokerage costs. The Wailea Beachs Villas resorts were the same as last year. We were in the same room! It' been such a pleasure staying there. It was within easy walk of the best beaches on the islands without having to cross the road, and they have an Umbrella facility, lemon-flavoured waters, shower facilities and a tidy bath room for our clients just a few minutes walk from the beaches.

There was soooooo comfortable not to carry the whole ranch to the sea, because you knew that the parasols and towel-lined seats would be there for you. Wailea is not only amazingly nice, but also known for its great sun. The morning in Wailea is perfect!

There is a certain patterns of movement around the islands and it does not affect Wailea or Kihei very much (Kihei is the place where we stopped for our first 3 trips to Maui). He' s flying to Maui: You should reserve your tickets early and, if possible, take the daily home departure ticket. Perhaps that's why this journey was my favourite?

So much it was so much simpler to drive home during the daytime. We will open another major international bank account next year to get a complimentary pass for each of our children. It is a legitimate way to do it and wise to travel at least every two years. Charging mobile telephones and iPod pads with toys and comics really did help entertain the children on the plane.

Boiling in Maui: Remember this when you are booking a room, especially if you are travelling with your family. When you want to be able to cook because Maui is also extremely pricey to consume, hire a place with food and barbecue area. That' s why we always went through Vacation Rent By Owner (VRBO) with a condo and not with a room in a nearby hotelbed.

Famed for their seafood taco, which I re-created on my diary after our 2011 trip. Their tastes were different, the presentations were really cute and the barmaid was simply the most beautiful (we actually had far too many meetings with impolite server in Maui, which I found strange), but this place was a pleasure.

You have a beautiful children's meal with large servings. I had my children's faces light up when it was placed in front of them and it vanished in seconds! Wailea cheeseburger - it's not even comely. If you have other restaurants that are really useful, use your Maui Revealed guide, which lists all the restaurants that are highly recommendable and not - they are just right and even give advice for the cuisine.

It is also used as a restaurant guide for our fifth stay in Maui. We' ve eaten a lot of pineapples on this journey. Rent a Maui: Make an early booking! So the earlier you make your booking, the better the price will be, which was the case this year. If you are looking for a Hawaiian discounted vehicle hire, we use Hawaiian discounts and you can still review the prices and if possible, you can change your booking without penalties.

This is Maui Baby Rentals: Sunsets Maui: We would go down to the shore every day to observe the sun set, and everyone was bright and beautiful. Almost every single couple takes their photos on the same spot, because it is stunning and very rare. We' re gonna miss you, Maui!

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