Rose Island American Samoa

Isle of Roses American Samoa

Fishes and wildlife">edit]>> The roseatell, sometimes also known as Rose Island or Motu O Manu by the humans of the Manu'a Islands near by, is an American Samoa Oceanian ally. All in all the area of the atolls, incl. laguna and plains of the coral cliffs, is 5km┬▓. On the northeast edge of the island there are two islands, the bigger Rose Island to the west (3.5 meters high) and the ungreen sand island to the northeast (1.

5 meters high).

In 1819 Louis de Freycinet made the first documentary inspection by a westerner. It' called it after his old lady Rose. As Rose de Freycinet is the second lady to travel around the world, she was the first to tell her story[1] In his formal account Louis de Freycinet writes: "I called Rose Island after the name of someone very dear to my heart"[2]. In 1824 she was seen on the Kotzebue mission under Otto von Kotzebue, who called her Kordinkov after his lieutenant.

Atolls are a crucial nest for the menaced sea tortoise and the menaced loggerhead tortoise. Tortoises are migrating between American Samoa and other Pacific island countries.

To take action: Protection of the rose atoll of American Samoa

President Trump recently adopted an implementing regulation hoping to open the doors to the removal or shrinkage of the nation's maritime heritage - and open it to devastating activity such as coal mines, off-shore drills and trawl fishing. In 2009, President George W. Bush declared the Rose Atoll a Maritime Heritage.

One of the most primordial antolls in the worid, it supports a vibrant coral and coral eco-system that is home to a variety of sealife. This is also a crucial nest for the menaced turtles and the loggerhead-turtles. Get up and tell the Trump government that the Americans want to keep certain places in the sea safe - for good.

Ministry of Trade allows the general population to interfere in order to protect our maritime heritage for a few brief days - until 26 July - from the withdrawal of protection. Please include this in your comments if you are living in the Pacific States of Hawaii, California, Oregon or Washington. When you have more than a few moments, please consider commenting on the other maritime heritage sites endangered by Trump's order:

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