Wailea Maui

The Wailea Maui

USA The celestial Hawaiian island of Maui is actually named after a demigod. It was my family's first visit to the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, and our expectations were far exceeded. Wailea restaurants in the vicinity of Maui and other cities such as Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului and more. Palms at Wailea apartments offer the highest quality and great prices!

Take part in our Instagram competition and you could be the winner of a journey to Wailea, Maui!

Maui may be shining with frosts, but the seasons on the coast are already in full bloom. In order to commemorate the theme of the island in March, we are working with the Wailea Resort Association and the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui to offer a unique journey for two to the crescent coast of Wailea. Included in the $6,781 price package:

In order to take part in this competition, please write a short note about your favourite Instagram Postal. In order to be eligible, mark @wailearesort, mark a buddy who wants to be informed about this competition and use #contest. Please see the full competition policy below, then go over to Instagram and take part!

Competition starts at 10:00 PDT on 17 January 2018 and ends at 23:59 PDT on 14 February 2018. The competition starts at 10 am PDT on 17 January 2018 and ends at 23:59 pm PDT on 14 February 2018. Participants must select another instagram operator in the comments, select @wailearesort and use #contest.

Registrations by post are not acceptable. Restrict one record per individual. sponsor is not liable for contributions that are missing, delayed, unreadable, uncompleted or not submitted for any at all. Contributions become the exclusive and exclusive ownership of the donor and are not recognized or given back. With the participation the participant guarantees that his contribution (1) is inventive and does not violate the mental proprietary right of third parties, (2) has not been publicized in any media or (3) has not won a prize.

Instanagram is neither co-moderator nor supporter of this action. Adequacy to the competition topic (25%); and creativity of writing descriptions (75%). Chances of success vary depending on the number of submissions. If there is a draw, an extra tie-breaker will select the winner from all of these undecided submissions based on the above evaluation criterions.

Any incomplete and/or imprecise entrys and entrys that do not comply with all regulations are disqualified. Judgments of the arbitrators are definitive and legally valid. The winner will be informed by February 28, 2018 by means of a live email on Instagram. LEGALITY: Open to persons resident in the United States who are 19 years of age or older at the date of arrival ("Participants").

Staff of the sponsor and its advertisement partner as well as their relevant parent, subsidiary and associated companies, participant advertisement and graduation agency (as well as their relatives and/or persons who live in the home of each employee) are excluded from participation. PRICES AND INDIVIDUAL VALUE: One winner will be awarded the Wailea Award Pack (total value approximately $6,781), which includes: four overnight stays in a breathtaking one-room suites at Fairmont Kea Lani Maui, a luxurious seaside estate; a two person a day at Kea Lani Resort Restuarant and a $800 complimentary transport ticket to, from and around the Isle.

Any other costs not listed here will be charged to the winner. THE WINNER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TAX. There is no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, that the award will be given. TERMS OF PARTICIPATION: No conveyance, assignation or replacement of a price is permissible unless Sponsor retains the right to replace the price (or a price component) at its own option with an object of the same or higher value.

There is nothing in these formal competition regulations that requires the sponsor to post or otherwise use the entries entered in the context of this competition. Participants accept the provisions of these formal regulations and the sponsor's decision, which are mandatory for all issues related to this Competion.

With the participation the participant declares that all photos, essays and other material entered in the competition are originals and do not represent any slander or violation of the private sphere or otherwise violate the right of third parties, and that the participant possesses or possesses the right to transfer all of these photos, essays and other material, all of the titles and titles.

Furthermore, the Participant hereby grant sponsors a non-exclusive, world-wide, royalty-free licence to process, post, promote, repost and otherwise use the Participant's photograph, essays, name, image, biographic information and any other information provided by the Participant in all communications for possible editing, publicity or publicity use without further approval, notification or reimbursement (unless otherwise permitted by law).

Prospective winners, as a precondition for receipt of a contest award, may also be obligated to subscribe and send back an affidavit of eligibility, indemnity and, as far as permitted by law, a promotional release and acknowledgement of a licence, as described above, within 7 working nights after the date of the first attempt at notice, confirming, inter alia, the following:

a) the submission does not slander or violate a party's private sphere; b) the submission does not violate the privileges of a third party; and c) the photograph, essays and other material entered are genuine and have never been posted and the submission has never won a grant. Non-compliance with this period may lead to the loss of the price and the choice of another one.

Returning a winning notice as not deliverable may lead to dishonour and the choice of another competitor. Accepting the award implies consent for the sponsor and his or her agency, the name and/or image of the winning party, biographic information, essays, photographs and other material entered for publicity and promotion without extra remuneration, unless forbidden bylaws.

Participant and winner declare their agreement to indemnify Sponsor and its advertising partner, director, officers, staff and staff for any and all liabilities, compensation or claim for personal injuries or losses, up to and including fatalities, directly or implicitly related to entry in this contest, receipt and/or use, or abuse or the term of any of the awards or entitlements due to disclosure right, libel or infringement or data protection.

Incorrect or misleading input or actions make the participant unsuitable. In the opinion of the sponsor, the immediate and unlimited right to incapacitate any participant or laureate if he or she is committing or has commited an act or has been or is part of a circumstance or event which, in the opinion of the sponsor, is likely to make fun of, scandalize or despise the sponsor, the participant or the laureate or which in any way has an adverse effect on the sponsor. a.

In the event that such information is detected by the Sponsor after a winning entry has been notified of its award and before the award is made, the Sponsor may cancel the award in its totality. When part of the award has already been given, the sponsor may revoke the rest of the award that has been made.

Sponsors' decision is definitive and authoritative in all issues relating to this section. SPORKER shall not be liable for typing or any other mistakes in the print of the bid, in the management of the competition or in the publication of the price. Sponsor shall not be liable for any loss, inaccuracy, delays, or electronically transmitted information that results in omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transfer, loss or damage, or unauthorised use of or alteration of Listing Material, or for the inaccuracy of any type of engineering, networking, telephony, electronics, computer, hard- or soft-ware failures or restrictions in the submission information by Sponsor or Moderator due to technological issues or jams on the web or on a website or a combinations thereof.

If, for any cause, the web part of the Programme is unable to run as intended, this includes infections by computer viruses, errors, manipulation, tampering, cheating, technological failure or other causes affecting the management, safety, fairness, integrity or due performance of this Competition, Sponsor retains the right, in its absolute opinion, to discontinue, end, modify or discontinue any person who disrupts the participation procedure and the Competition.

The sponsor retains the right to choose the winner from the qualifying submissions at the time of cancellation. WARNING: Any attempted by a Participant to intentionally harm a Site or interfere with the lawful functioning of the Games is a breach of penal and civilian applicable legislation and, if such an attempted act is made, the sponsor retains the right to claim full compensation from such Participant to the maximum amount of the Acts.

In the event of disputes about the participant's identification, the award will be given to the authorised e-mail recipient's banker. Such competition shall be subject to the State of New York's domestic law without reference to the rules of conflicts of laws. Any cases and actions relating to this contest must be filed with a New York City Tribunal without resort to collective redress.

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