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Accessible Air offers scheduled flights from Auckland, North Shore, Kaitaia, Hamilton and Great Barrier Island. Locate Barrier Air Jobs in New Zealand now. Newest tweets from Barrier Air (@BarrierAir): "#barrierair teaser from @billyaleclewis and caragh_elizabeth as promised! There are flights to Little Barrier Island from airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Frontier and others.

Air Barrier, Mangere

Accommodation Air is a 100% New Zealand carrier providing air travel and cargo flights from our two Auckland Airports ("Auckland International Airport" and "North Shore Aerodrome") to Great Barrier Island. Barrier Air is also the only carrier to offer regular flights between Auckland - Kaitaia and Auckland - Hamilton.

There are also air connections to other major seasons such as Tauranga, Whitianga and Whangarei and competitively priced charters throughout New Zealand.

Kiwi Regional Airlines and Barrier Air announce partnership

Ewan Wilson, CEO of Kiwi Regional Airlines, said the partnership with Barrier Air was a win-win situation for passenger. Auckland, Germany-based Kiwi Regional Airlines and Auckland-based Barrier Air have signed a new partnership agreement. Barrier Air will be offering Auckland-Hamilton services from 8 February when Air New Zealand leaves the United States.

Ewan Wilson, Kiwi' s CEO, said Air New Zealand's move to withdraw from some local flights has prompted a number of airlines to launch, but they tend to operate in silo. "We have an interesting partnership with Barrier Air and this is one of many relations I would like to develop," said Wilson.

"To us, this agreement allows us to ship to places like New Shore, Great Barrier Island and Kaitaia." In the meantime, Kiwi Air will be operating flights to and from Tauranga from 15 February.

Kiwi Regional and New Zealand's Barrier Air alliances

Auckland Int'l and New Zealand's Kiwi Regional Airlines (KRL, Hamilton) have established an airline association called "Agenturallianz". As part of the agreement, Kiwi Regional Airlines customers can fly to Auckland Int'l and on to Great Barrier Island, North Shore or Kaitaia in Hamilton from 15 February on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday.

"We want Hamilton customers to be able to continue to fly to Auckland when Air New Zealand (NZ, Auckland Int'l) discontinues this flight on 7 February and we want to offer all of our northern region's customers more choices and better accessibility to our services," said Mike Foster, CEO of Barrier Air.

Kiwi travellers to Hamilton can book a Barrier Air connection to one of these locations at a reduced fare; and Barrier Air travellers can arrive in Hamilton and change to a Kiwi to Nelson and Dunedin connection at a reduced fare. However, Ewan Wilson, CEO of Kiwi, and Mike Foster, CEO of Barrier, noted that this is not a code share arrangement, but an arrangement to resell each other's seat with individual ticketing but a concerted itinerary.

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