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For more information about Vanuatu - Going on a Cruise? Vanuatu's flag Air Vanuatu (NF) operates from a hub at Bauerfield International Airport (VLI) in Port Vila. Business Vanuatu, taxes and offshore information. All the Americans should know about Vanuatu is the very different cultural context in each part of this country. Work in progress: access to the Internet in Vanuatu.

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The Vanuatu is a group of 83 islets, many of which are either remote or ininhabited. Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna are the most important touristic places, each with its own special attraction and enchant. Discover each of the regions to choose where you want to live and which isle best for you.

An important part of the Vanuatu culture's traditions and rituals, arts and crafts are also a wealthy part of everyday Indianity. Varies from islands to islands, Vanuatu arts and crafts reflect the more ancient facets of living on the islands through carvings, potters, weaving and wooden instruments, seashells and rocks.

The Vanuatu is known for its beautiful tropic climates, which offer great year round conditions. Vanuatu also enjoys a rainy period in the first few seasons of the year, with warm temperature, clear sky and almost never-ending sun. The island appears luxuriant and verdant. Ni Vanuatu has been inhabiting the island for hundreds of years and with more than 115 different civilizations and tongues Vanuatu is recognized as one of the most cultural rich nations in the atlantic.

Vanuatu is situated 2,500 km NE of Sydney and is an island group of 83 islets forming a coral sea formations. These Vanuatu charts can be used as a point of departure for your vacation plans and allow you to discover the accommodations and sights that extend 1300 km from east to west across the articel.

Vanuatu has an old and consistent cultural heritage, with many traditions still cultivated today. Ritual and ceremony are a large part of Vanuatu's cultural and historical heritage, as is the telling of stories, which is reflected in singing and dancing, arts, bodily decoration, make-up and carving - all this can be seen in Vanuatu today.

With our Vanuatu Mediagallery you will get a feeling for the beautiful things you can await in Vanuatu. Discover some of the most sought-after sands, resort and nature on a scenic trip through Efate, Espiritu Santo and Tanna Island. Get an impression of the vanuatu's stunning views and sundowns with a choice of video clips from our tourist mates.

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