Sawa I Lau Caves Yasawa Islands

Sava I Lau Caves Yasawa Islands

An airplane in the shallow water near the island Sawa-i-Lau. Sawa i Lau Caves, Yasawa Islands Fiji. In addition, an excursion to the Sawa I Lau Caves can be organized. Cheap hotels near Sawa-i-Lau Caves, Yasawa Islands. Majestic Sawa I Lau Caves are one of the must-do activities when visiting Fiji.

Scuba diving in Fiji's majestic Sawa i lau Caves -

You' ve at last made the decision to go on the journey you've always dreamt of this year, an insular holiday in Fiji. You' ve been waiting a long way for this journey, so make the most of it. Fiji's most famous landmarks are the Sawa Ilau Caves.

There you can bathe in clear sea and for the adventurers you can go diving through the doorway in the first cavern to find the second one. At the first cavern, snorkelling and diving into a tranquil swimmingpool of unbelievable lime stone formation in the clear blue waters below. Sawa-i-lau Caves are one of the most enigmatic and legendary touristic sites on the isle.

The locals believe that the caves are home to the god Ulutini. Prior to entering the caves, the visitor is asked to attend a local tradition and ask the guardians of the cave for approval to do so. At the end of the event, the tourist can admire the Sawa-i-lau Caves.

You can have a whole days of pleasure in the caves by floatplane. While flying over the islands you can take stunning pictures or videos. When the airplane is approaching the caves of Sawa-i-lau, the sparkling whitish sands and the deep sea waters flow along the coast, welcoming holidaymakers to have a good time.

Making the most of your journey, you choose to engage a tour leader and fully experience the caves. You' re planning to play in the swimming pools of the first cavern, where you'll find the waters so clearly that you can take pictures of each other under the sea. From the first cavern flooded with sunlight to the second, poorly illuminated by incident sunlight from above, the holiness of the second is emphasized, which is only reached after a bold diving through a pitch-black room, which is only accessable when the flood allows it.

It' s this part of the second cavern, the submarine entry and the dark of the Sawa-i-lau caves that keep many holidaymakers from coming into this area. If you have seen and seen the caves once, it is hard to understand why the film "Blue Lagoon" was shot here.

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