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Made in Vanuatu - Made in New Zealand. AtFORDABLE Residential house for sale, Port Vila, Vanuatu. Explore thousands of homes in Vanuatu and find the right one for you! Wind and floods destroyed houses, uprooted trees, destroyed crops and caused considerable damage to infrastructure. Vanuatu Island, Lagoon Homes.

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Are you looking for a master architect in Vanuatu, then you have come to the right place. We' re going to make every high-end home we make in Vanuatu. We' re trying to make Vanuatu so easy to do that you can spend the day counting to a turn-key one. Also known as Vanuatu Homes - also known as Vanua Disaen - can help you realize your dreams of being on a safely constructed cocktail table, slurping a cocktail and watch a trueazaunset.

The Vanuatu Homes won the bid to build eight luxurious single houses on the beach in 2011. One or two small problems were quickly solved and 2.5 years after finishing the mansions can only be described as as new.

Builder Vanuatu

Vanuatu - Vanuatu Homes supplies custom-made products from highly skilled clients. Our goal is to be a full-service property developer, assembling tailor-made homes in Vanuatu and organizing all additional services, as well as planning permission. With our highly skilled Vanuatu architects we design, procure and construct houses for a variety of uses, from housing to business properties and any type of isolated structure in between.

We are focused on architecture planning, import and sale of construction material and projectmanagement, but we assist our customers in the following areas: Refurbishment and repairs - with our skilled and skilled master builder to update the facilities. Vanuatu Homes usually delivers fixed-price agreements, which are executed by highly skilled developers.

In addition, we provide for the design of the entire order, including mechanical design, cycle and seismic health certifications, as well as basic payments plans. We work with you to make your Pacific Island holiday dreams come true. The Vanuatu Homes makes it easier to found a house in Vanuatu by offering: Our services include projectmanagement, turn-key houses and everything in between.

Construction of houses is conscientious, with periodic site surveys and inspection of buildings to make sure that the construction complies with the guarantees and specificatio. When you are abroad as a customer, we continually upgrade you with photographs, memos, conference calls and whatever it is necessary to demonstrate that your Vanuatu Home is constructed for a long time.

Vanuatu Homes helps our customers to refurbish or modernize their homes at the best possible conditions and delivers refurbishments that will last for years in the Vanuatu climat. He worked for an architectural firm that designed housing and industrial buildings after passing his A-levels and then went on to study it. In 2005, Stu visited Vanuatu at the wish of the Vanuatu Teachers Union and, together with Doug Bailey, founded Vanua Disaen Ltd.

He has been in Vanuatu for years and has led such diverse ventures as Emua Wharf, Kakula Island and Tamanu on the Beach. Vanuatu National Bank was an early customer of Stu and Doug's domestic technology, as the Vanuatu administration valued the easiness of working with fixed-price work. He became a Vanuatu citizen in April 2007 and further developed Vanua Disaen by providing architecture designing, quality control, and construction materials.

Now known as Vanuatu Homes, the firm now employes full-time Ni-Vanautu residents, has trained four community construction firms and has a strong track record for greening. Stu likes to play in New Zealand and Vanuatu in his free play, organize life jam, raise money for charitable organizations like Promedical Vanuatu, the Women's Refuge Centre and Vanuatu's Beachvolleyball-Teams.

It is a way of life dedicated to work and fellowship that captured the Vanuatu Homes spirit: life in paradise made for you.

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