The Gym


This is a great gym with a Life Fitness Kit. You can rely on our fitness trainers every step of the way. Become fit in our brand new gym! You want to squeeze in the gym for a few hours before setting off for Stockholm.

Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Borough Council

The Coleraine gym has a wide variety of cardio-vascular and gym machines that are easy and efficient to use. This area is occupied at all hours and our trained gym supervisors will introduce all new owners to how to use the machines securely and profitably.

If you want to use the gym on a regular basis to get fit, increase your physical condition or simply to reduce your worries, our 1 and 3 month membership is the ideal way. Before using the gym for the first reason, a briefing by our gym trainer is necessary. Call the center to make an appointement now on 0287034 7202.

PROGRAMS: An exercise trainer can be arranged to create a program. You can do this by making an appointement with the Fittness Team or the Business Support Team at the center. Our fitnesss schemes: Coordinated by our gym supervisor, the center runs: All safe-deposit boxes are free of charge - Dryside safe-deposit boxes are 1.00 pounds coins returned, all others are 50p coins returned.

Hid out in the back of the gym and cried.

He was 29 when he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, but he didn't speak about it until he fell into a severe state of depression. "When I was found to have been diagnosing, I walked directly from the doctor's office to work and worked for a whole workday. "I' ve not talked to anyone for three or four month.

" Craig, a native of Northolt, was diagnosticized two years ago. Nearly leukemia-free from his father when he was younger, Craig did not want to speak about his diagnostics, partially to help keep his family safe and partially "the old boy from,Oh, you know, I'll be okay. I wasn't talking about my own affairs.

" Maccmillan says his ONS dates show 400 men a bloke are diagnosed single era with person in England. Twenty-two percent more likely to get cancers, they are also 45% more likely to perish from them than do that. Neighborly love urges men to speak more to ease fears and anxieties.

Earlier Macmillan cancers support research shows that 49% of men-diagnosed with cancer felt anxious during therapy and 25% felt depression when they were detected. Seated on an atlas stone with my hooded head, I cried my tears out - I was an outrage. "I realized from then on that I can't handle the kind of cancers I' ve been handling all my years.

"I cried all the way through - I didn't know how to use it. "He didn't tell his folks because he didn't want them to go through it, but he didn't want to treat his crab the way his dad did.

" Its best counsel for other men who have to do with cancers is to open up. "Speak, cry, have a seat, cry your tears, and don't worry about who you're crying to - you have to let it out - it's not good to have it. "But I didn't speak about my own things - I didn't think I should speak about how I felt - and I found out it was the right thing to do.

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