Holiday Destinations nz North Island

Vacation destinations nz North Island

The Bay of Islands & Northland. The North Island, New Zealand tourist attractions and activities for every budget. Check out our selection of attractions and activities on North Island, New Zealand. In case you haven't already done so, you have to add it to your list of holiday destinations. Situated in the middle of the North Island, Lake Taupo is a must on your New Zealand trip.

Ten places on North Island that don't seem genuine.

It sometimes seems that the isle of the southern hemisphere gets all the focus. While there are many spectacular and breathtaking vistas in the North, this does not mean that there are none in the North. Indeed, North Island has more than just its part of breathtaking landscape. Here are my tips for the ten most attractive places on the North Island.

It' full of breathtaking shores and strolls that will take your breath away. Tunnels face dramatic rocks and unspoilt virgin sand along a protected area, no wonder it has been seen in so many film. This is the Moor Knights Islands Marine Res. Only a short cruise from Auckland city centre is a wonderful island haven with shops, vines and tasty dining.

It'?s the street near Cape Palliser. One of the most open volcanos in the hemisphere. When you feel like you' re ready to go to White Island, one of the most vibrant volcanos in the game. Just 50km from the Bay of Plenty, you can take a plane or boat trip to White Island, and whether you're taking a scenic dive or a scenic dive, there are some unbelievable ways to see this seething, steamy mist.

First-class NZ commercials for a day out for the whole families

If the next holiday comes before you have a chance to take away this year's paperwork, isn't there a better moment to schedule in advance? It' the ideal season to take in some of New Zealand's best landscapes and put on your boots for some family-friendly walks and beach camp while the climate is still warm enough.

We' ve selected our top locations for the ideal fall stay during the summer break, which starts on Good Friday, April 3rd, and lasts until Friday, April 17th. Take your clothes - even in the fall the temperature reaches a high of 21°C, so you never know if it is hot enough for a bath.

Queenstown and Arrowtown are both turned to reds and golds, with leafs to punch through and picnic. If you want more fun for your whole life, the only thing you can afford is a Queenstown gondola tour with wonderful mountain view and tobogganing.

Perfect age: 8-16 years to appreciate the past. ISLANDI' seems to be hardly a goal, but the reality is the main North Island - or in the sense of this tale, from Otorohanga to Waiouru - has much to show. Visiting Kiwi House & Native Bird Park in Otorohanga is at the top of the agenda, the Waitomo Caves are only 15 min away.

A further hr southward and Taumarunui provides Canoing and the Forest World Adventure - where you can stack up in a railcar for one of 10 tours along the laps. River City and Rose City are less than an hours apart and provide a wide range of family-friendly outdoor outings.

Just to the south of Palmerston North is Owlcatraz Birdpark, where you can see hilarious names like Owl Capone and Owle MacPherson. Near ponds and streams there are also picturesque drives off the glacier in Westland National Parks (a two-hour ride south), the Arthur`s Pass National Parks Alps Flower (1 1/4 hours east) and the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Paparoa National Parks (1 1/2 hours north).

New Treetop Walkway is only 15 min by car from Hokitika, where you can walk for 45 min. high above the rain forest.

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