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The Samoa - Peace and relaxation As soon as you arrive at the airfield, the stresses of daily routine begin to ease and you start your journey to the isle. From Samoana we rented an older RAV4 styled rental vehicle for our journey around both isles and its definitely the way to go....

and was more than pleased with it, except if you are looking to visit the volcano at Mt Matavanu on Savaii Kopf.

There is a 40 km in the village and 56 km on all the other streets around the isles, but once you've settled into insular living, it's quick enough anyway, as it doesn't take too long to get anywhere. It is the major isle in Samoa, where the capitol Apia is located.

In Upolu we remained in Tafua Beach Fales, which was a pleasure and also spend a few overnight stays at the Sheraton Estate near the Aiport. Someday we simply hopped into the vehicle to experience a round adventurous trip on the islands and bathe on the way on many shores.

It took about 8 hrs, with a few stopovers, and was a good opportunity to communicate with the locals. Apiah Two. But the larger of the two islets, the least populated, cries out for serenity. At Savaii we lived in Janes Beach Fales in Manase, Joelans Beach Fales and the Savaiian Hotel.

Jane's Island seems to have no problem with the feared Mozzies and the savaiian has mosquitoes all over. Its only disadvantage on the Savaaiian was that it was on the cove and not a sandy area. Manase was breathtaking and snorkelling as the dive was very near the shoreline at low water.

On Savaii there were very few restaurants, but there was a great pizza store near Manase opposite Le Lagoto Estate. There is one thing you will really see in Samoa: the human race and its church. If you just want to try to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the day, Samoa is a great city.

I have the ability to use the web and Wi-Fi in most places, but I advise you to stay away from any technologies so you can record the true Samoa.

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