Waiheke Accommodation

The Waiheke Accommodation

We' re a small, family-run business that offers you independent, self-catering accommodation in your own little piece of Waiheke. Waiheke Island, New Zealand - Best Places to Sleep Only 35 min by boat from central Auckland, Waiheke Iceland is a cosy, arid place with beautiful gold sand shores, mystical inlets, and creeks. Waiheke is a sought-after and interchangeable place today, and the best accommodations on Waiheke lodge Iceland boast many beautiful contemporary and B&Bs that enjoy unbelievable ocean-view.

It is littered with vines and olives, cellars and pressing. Vineries and affluent commuteers have led to the launch of boutiques, art stores and shopping. When you are interested in wines, you can take your free time touring the many estates in the area:

The Waiheke Islands has a small historical town with several renovated houses and exhibits showing the island's past. It is a very favourite spot, so if you want to make a reservation for one of the best places to spend the night in Waiheke lsland, don't let it stand until the last second. You'll just be upset.

The Enclosure Bay is a light, contemporary B&B with a panorama of Hauraki Gulf and its isles - you can even see a delphin or an Orcah from your room. The Te Whau Laodge is a boutique-style chalet with large, breezy rooms and scenic overlooking Putiki Bay. There is an open-air whirlpool, a sauna, a sauna, a library and open fires, making it a beautiful place all year round.

Waiheke Iceland Resort is a group of stylish, contemporary studio flats, all with their own cuisine. The Dellows Waiheke is another group of holiday homes, this one in the middle of the island's winelands, just ten walking min. from Onetangi Beach. The Delamore and Owhanake Bay lodges are boutique-style lodges.

All five rooms are contemporary and romantically decorated, with ground to ceilings offering stunning panoramic view. They are not only near unspoilt shores, but also vineyards and picturesque footpaths. It is the ideal place for a relaxed, yet romantically decorated surf. Situated directly on the coastline, the enchanting Hei Matau Lodge provides contemporary rooms with ocean-view.

When you are planning to spend your day outdoors to explore the beautiful landscape, it is of course best to spend the summers from November to April. Foreigners will be able to catch a flight to Auckland Airport before jumping on a commercial liner to Waiheke Island. Have a look at our shortlist of the best accommodation on Waiheke Island.

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