Lanai Maui

Maui Lanai

You can read the story of Lanai Shipwreck Beach. Each year we go on a snorkeling trip to Lanai with the Paragon sailboat. and in Kapalua Bay, Keoneoio Bay and Keawekapu on Maui. The Lanai Extension of the University of Hawaii Maui College offers a range of educational opportunities.

The best way from Maui - Lanai? - Speech Board

The best way from Maui - Lanai? We' re gonna be on Maui for six before we go to Lanai for four inches. I' ve heard that there is a boat from Lahaina. We' ve got a rented vehicle in Maui for the period we're there. Do we have to take the rented vehicle back to the Lahaina port and then take a bus to get on the Lanai/Frankferry?

The best way from Maui - Lanai? However, you are right, it would be a problem to leave your rent at the airfield and take a bus back to Lahaina. Are there any ways to return your rented vehicle in Lahaina? Perhaps someone else has more information on letting a hire a car in Lahaina for a few more days.

Perhaps even your Lahaina based on Maui has something to show you (this could work if you live near Lahaina). The best way from Maui - Lanai? also we have to go from Maui to Lanai. Our only option was to wait 5 hrs at Maui International Airfield to catch one of the interisland services to Lanai.

From Toronto we didn't enjoy this concept at all! The best way from Maui - Lanai? **Alohaurfbug77, Ask Hertz if you can collect a vehicle from the airfield and leave it on their West Maui property in Lahaina (about 7 blocs from the ferry).

Hertzian is the only large letting agent with a Lahaina establishment, and if you miss the cut-off for the free shuttles to the port, you can do it with your hooves. We are looking forward to your visit on Lanai! The best way from Maui - Lanai? A similar challange I had when I planned my journey to Lanai in October.

From Maui to Lanai via Island Air we found out that it was the cheaper way to get from Kahalui Air. Hertzian Hertz has levied a substantial charge to park your vehicle in Lahaina. Iceland Air was flying one per diem and it worked really well for us.

You' re gonna like Lanai! The best way from Maui - Lanai? I' ve done this the other way around.... first Lana'i, then Maui, and I think it was simpler with the rent ave.... He took the shuttle and hired a vehicle from West Maui/Kapalua International Station.

We have a vehicle that we left at the OGG in Kahalui. The problem is that it is much more likely to park the vehicle in West Maui than to drive the other way. We used the rent ave been without drop-off charges in this sense -- I'd like to say it was domestic, but it may have been budget.

I' m reserving my vehicle on-line, but I phoned the West Maui office directly to ask for drop-offs. The best way from Maui - Lanai? It looks like it's $108 a way from Kahalui and 2 1/2 hour journey and $74 from Kapalua a way with 90 minute or so journey at all.

And you didn't say if you were leaving OGG the same night you got back from Lana'i. Also I made the Lana'i trip by taking the boat in one direction and flew from Lana'i. From Kahalui on the date you get back from Lana'i, it would certainly be much simpler to take Lana'i to OGG and gain a great deal of travel from there.

But if you stay in West Maui, it might be simpler for you to take a flight from Kapalua to Lana'i (drop off your vehicle there) or take the Lahaina shuttle to get there. The best way from Maui - Lanai? I' ve just returned from Lanai and we also remained first in Maui and then drove on to Lanai.

After renting from Dollar in Maui, we could park the vehicle near Lahaina and then Dollar had a free shuttles to the boat. There' s also a shuttles from the boat to the airfield, but that's 30 per passenger and pick up others on the way, so it can be a long drive.

I would have taken the boat there and taken a plane back. There is a long walk by bus, ferries, taxi and return flights to the shore. However, we saw cetaceans on both of our ferries. The best way from Maui - Lanai?

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