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The Cumberland Group is an island off the coast of Mackay in the Mackay region, Queensland, Australia. The Brampton Island, Whitsunday Islands picture: From all major Australian capitals there are regular flights to Brampton Island via Mackay. The Brampton Island is located in Australia with the iata code BMP and the icao code YBPI. The BEST Hotels in Brampton Island Australia.

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Brampton Island's landowners are the Ngaro, although there was no resident populace when Captain James Cook crossed the area in June 1770. 3 ][4] The name of the archipelago finally came from Europe in 1879, when Staff Commander Bedwell of the Royal Navy recognized the archipelago and called it after Cumberland.

It was founded in December 1933, when two of the Busuttin's children received the P&O SS Canberra people. Busuttin's children bought the residence and abandoned it in 1959. In the next two years there were several Carapark and Hotels of Australia. The McLean familiy, who had operated Roylen Cruises from Mackay, founded by Tom McLean MBE, a former World War II army engineer, bought the entire unit for 80,000 quid in 1961.

At the time there was a float of fairly miles that operated from Australia's least well-positioned harbour of Mackay. Fitzroy, Tom McLean's former World War II master, Roylen Star, became the management of the country. One other ex-Roylen skip driver, Ray Smith, became assistant atm.

It quickly evolved with the help of the Roylen Cruise Flotilla, which operates a system known as Cruise n Stop, using both the ships and the island's accommodations. Those cruise ships visited the Whitsunday's and the local shipyards and often returned to Brampton to depose those who wanted to be there. Perhaps the most picturesque of all the archipelago, Brampton was defended by Carlisle lsland and the northward orientation of the residence, so that the predominant and often stormy southern wind did not affect the lsland and its unspoilt sands.

Adding Brampton, came an inflow of tourism and tourism dollar. There is a small railroad to bring the shops and provisions from the Deep Water Jetty to the area. It is a track system built on the sugars of Mackay' s neighbouring sugars canes.

Because of the large tide variations (up to 6 meters), the pier at the spa could only be used at certain periods of time due to the deep waters, while the "DeepWaterJetty" could be used around the clock. Because of the large tide difference, the pier at the spa could only be used at certain time. It has been shown on Bob Dyer's TV show "Pick box" on a regular basis.

There were many TV, press and other celebrities, many of whom spent their honeymoon at the resorts. A technical masterpiece of his time was the construction of a runway on the Iceland in 1965, on which TAA airplanes, among them (in the 70s) De Havilland Twin Otters, were used. It was less formally run and many visitors came back year after year to experience this freedom.

During this time there were several cyclions and the islands were severely damaged. Used as a stopover for many Royal Australia Navy ships, among them the Attack and Landing Craft patrols. Fitzroy McLean's boys Ian, Mark, Fitzroy Junior and Peter worked on the Isle in the 1970'.

National Park of Brampton Island.

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