Yasawa Flyer Boat

Flyer Yasawa Boat

When you arrive by "yellow boat" (Yasawa Flyer), it will pick you up on its daily trip and take you to your next island. The Yasawa Flyer Boat Transfer is the choice of some people. When you come to your hotel by boat, the staff will sing the Bula! song. If you have come by "yellow boat" (Yasawa Flyer), it will pick you up on its daily trip and take you to your next island.

Our first possibility to reach our small island is the "Big Yellow Boat".

Flyer or the "Magic" Boat Transfer to Octopus Resort - Waya Island Message Board

Hello all, just hoping all for some counsel on the transcription from the continent to the Octopus Resort. The three children are 6, 8 and 9 years old. At 6am after a middle of the night ride from Melb we will land in Nadi and I am sure that the children will be thrilled but also tired from this part.

Initially we had the Magic but I' ve been told that it can be quite tough on the way and that the Yasawa Flyer (albeit a longer journey) may be more relaxing and quiet? Every year I go to Octopus and usually take the flyer - get very easy sea sick.

You' ll have a slow but more relaxing ride on the flyer and the children can move and you'll see other isles along the way. This year I am going to Magic, though, because we end up in Nadi too latecome to get the flyer - and I don't want to stay the same.

Things can get very tough according to the conditions. I would not want to be in a smaller boat on a raging sea with a family. That flyer is my decision. They can also land on the flyer. You called him at the motel to tell him that his pickup was early, and only on the coach did he find out that he went to Denarau and not to Vuda and would not get the flyer Magic, because he was "broken," which translated (he later found out) is considered to be booked up.

I have also been told that the 1-hour magical journey can take over 2hrs. We have now been to Octopus twice and have taken "Magic" both time. At 2 and 4 years old to hang on to, but also with swell, it was probably not the perfect boat cruise.

So it became a blank ankle riding that held children, held on to splints and was really inconvenient. Beating through the roughness, popping into vats and not something I could remember after our lovely trip to the isle. When you are single, Magic is no issue..... but be ready if the wheather is not good.

We' ve taken the flyer and the spell has gone. We had a quiet sea and it was a beautiful trip. It' more relaxing, larger so you can extend your feet or take a snooze, and you'll have the opportunity to take some great photos of all the other places you pass.

Hello all, I just wanted to share our boat transfers with you. As we arrived there, the magical thing didn't work and they were chartering a small speed/fishing boat to transport us, our three children and about 12 other children. During our way back the ocean was much quieter and we came back with the same boat, which was fine.

I just wanted everyone out there to know if they have small children to get the Yasawa flyer, because there is no knowledge what the oceans will be like that time. Prost. We brought the flyer back to Octopus Island (2. 5 hours) and the spell (1. 25 hours).

With 4-0 our whole house chose to play magical, because it is faster and a little exciting (although perhaps too exciting on a hard day). This flyer is rolling around a little, the spell will shake you up. I' d take the flyer, the ocean can get pretty raw, at least on the flyer you can move and buy something to eat and drink.

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