Maui Guide

The Maui Guide

In this sense we have put together the ultimate travel guide for Maui: This picture taken by Joey Corcino, who lives in Maui and is entitled "Affection" won the Malama Wao Akua Juried Art Exhibition: The Maui Guide | Like a native Would you like to discover Maui like a native and enjoy our way of living and our people? The Maui guide will put you on the right track with funny things that natives like to do and how to let go of wiki wiki living on the isle. Maui' s sand beach, warm breeze and islandstyle make it a top holiday resort for a relaxed lifestyle.

" If you are going to visit a friend or house in Hawaii, please take off your shoes (flip-flops) before you enter. While exploring Maui, don't be inflexible with your routines or timetables, decelerate and hug the Isle and our group. Maybe you should try to give a native a shota!

Renting a vehicle and having your own transport can be one of the simplest ways to get around the islands like a native. It' simple to find the type of restaurant you are used to or to go to highly valued Maui eateries, which you should still do, but for a real feeling, ask one of our employees or your guide where they go to get a referral.

You will only be serving breakfasts and lunches from 7.30 to 14.00 and sometimes the queue is 45 mins. However, once you have sunk into the hot handmade pancake with macadamias, you leave the place and the sea views in front of the restaurants make your waits a lot shorter.

Dollies Pub and Café is another favourite for great hippie hours and tasty pizzas! Over 7 million doses of it are distributed in Hawaii every year and have become an integral part of our diet since its inception on the country in World War II. Visits to other archipelagos - Visits to other archipelagos at weekends or for a whole days are very much appreciated by natives, especially by boat to the Molokai and Lanai isles.

Discover the surroundings - Our main attraction and sights are not only for the tourist, especially the road to Hana. Watch a show or hear real life tunes - there is no lack of nightclubs and dining places with real life and entertain. Get down on Friday - Every Friday on Maui means there's a great festival to come to!

The Maui County Office of Economic Development has a Maui Friday Towntown-Party on the entire Isle. Eating, dancing and shop are the stages for this city festival. Seaside End of Afternoon - A great way to end the week-end is to drive to Makena's Little Beaches on Sunday night for a fire spiders and drummers group.

Visit the spas - A visit to Maui may seem like you're already in a spas, but it never hurt to indulge in a tapering spas or massages. Have a tiki or ly hour - No, not every locals know how to do tiki or ly, but these courses are very entertaining and a great way to keep learning about our past and flourishing people.

Walk through the city of Cambodia while hiking on our Kapalua itineraries. Catch your practice the old-fashioned way instead of looking for a fitness studio to stop by during your stay on the Isle. Maui and the surrounding islands of Maui have many celebrations that commemorate our civilization and our legacy, and many natives do the hike to take part in the celebrations!

Visiting a celebration can be a great way to live our lifestyles, discover our story and try new dishes from Hawaii that you have never had before. Several of the larger festivities on Maui or in the surrounding area include:

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