Easter Island Monoliths facts

Monolith Easter Island facts

Excavations also revealed other facts about these megatons. Giant stone figures - monoliths - dotting the coast. and these facts were fascinating. There are mysterious monoliths all over the world, which reinforces the secret. The place is like a small version of Easter Island.

Stain in the Sea of Speculations / Review of'Easter Island; The Secrets Solved' by Thor Heyerdahl

Isle of Easter: Souvenir Press, The Secrets by Thor Heyerdahl, western of South America in the Pacific. Strongly anchored in a Polish past, as its situation, languages, material cultures and tribal peoples testify, by Flemish sailors on Easter Sunday 1722. Paragliding over botanic, chronologic, 30 years, and 4 of them are by Heyerdahl himself.

Designating Latin America'one great seafarer civilization', they were not, nor did they have to be. in the Pacific, but no proof has ever emerged to show that they did. balsa-raft trading from Latin America. with the Latin America naval theory, both in fact and reason.

Here it distracts from the affirmative comments Heyerdahl has made, the writer is as much a mystery as his work.

Huge Moai sculptures, breathtaking shores on the island of Rafa Nui!

Come with us and explore this isle! The Easter Island or "Rapa Nui" is best known for its huge "head statues", but there is more to explore than you think! With our gateway you can take a trip through this triangle-like island in the Pacific. Our website is what you need for any information, consultation on Easter Island!

We' re your on-line tour guides, advisors, we offer you stories about the Rapa Nui people' s cultures and histories, we also try to solve the secret of the statue of Moya, show you great pictures and help you find the best places! Sturdy, sculptured rocky heads, known as "moai", are the main attractions of this small island.

It would be very hard even with state-of-the-art technique to make so many smooth sculptures and to carry them over long stretches. Some of the solid head designs differ, some of the sculptures even have caps, others have complicated faces (made of several stones), others have palms..... Several Moai groups look particularly interesting.

It is part of the polynese civilizations, the native tongue is also known as " Rape Nui " and belongs to the polynese linguistic group. The 500 ethnical rappa nui are so singular that they seem to have no relation to any other world. The Moai are thought to have a certain degree of worship, but there is only speculation about what they might be representing and why they were built.

They had their own script, Rongorongo. A few hundred years ago, a group of Polynesians settled on the banks of the island. It is said that they were lead by Hotu Matu'a, a kind of chieftain ("Ariki Mau"), some springs go on and even call him "The first king of Rafa Nui".

Legend has it that the colonists came in two ships and counted several hundred of them. Easter Island's story is very full and, unfortunately, a tragedy. Originally the populace had several hundred inhabitants, there was wealth and happiness, but the excess populations have led to deforestation, hunger and thus to upheaval.

Nearly all tree species were felled and it became almost not possible to get off the island. Great conflict broke out, many of the beautiful Moai sculptures were destroyed, even Kannibalism emerged and was present for a long period, even after the arrivals of the people. Journey to Easter Island, see the sights!

In order to reach Easter Island, you must arrive either by plane from Santiago, Chile or New Zealand or France. First, you can marvel at the miracles of the art of Rapa Nui. There' are about 900 Moai sculptures on the island. The island has few vegetation, so you don't have to reckon with thick verdant woods, but with grassy, hills.

Making your journey easy by following our directions, using our Easter Island detail card and also checking our one of a kind Easter Island Hot Spot location (top right on each page).

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