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The GARDENERS EDEN is a trademark of The TJX Companies, Inc. The Eden Landscapes is a professional and experienced landscaping team with many years of experience in all areas of horticulture and garden design. Landscaper in London - Eden Gardens That is the goal of our garden designers at Eden Gardens. That is why we offer gardening professionals because we know what they need to be content and care for Mother Earth. We' ve known Ivan for 4 years,''he is a horticultural expert and very competent.

It is very reliable, on time and an advantage for any yard or every single venture in which it is part of. You have also worked with our neighbors to make sure that all sides were satisfied with the work. Being able to use Eden Garden's care facilities in my own backyard, I was thrilled with the care I got.

Rookstone for sale Gardeners Eden

Merrimack, NH-based multi-title distributor Brookstone declared on June 28 that he was placing Gardeners Eden on the sales bloc. On the same date, the company cuts the horticultural product workforce and dismisses 19 administration workers at the head office. But Brookstone has no intention of stopping shipping the catalogue or closing its shops or website while it is waiting for a purchaser, according to spokesman Robert Padgett.

Aside from Gardeners Eden and the flag ship Brookstone catalogue and shops selling high-tech vadgets and presents, the company also sends out the Hard-to-Find Tools catalogue. Brookstone entered into a final sale and purchase arrangement with OSIM International, J.W. Childs Associates and Temasek Capital on April 15. The Gardeners Eden catalogue, created in 1982 by businesswoman Ruth Owades, was purchased by San Francisco-based multi-title mail-order company Williams-Sonoma in the mid-1980'; Williams-Sonoma bought it to Brookstone in 1999.

Gardener Eden had a turnover of 16 million dollars and an operative pre-tax deficit of 3.6 million dollars last year. A number of observers believe that the lack luster of Gardeners Eden could be due to unglamorous merchandise. Terry Sutton, a former Gardeners Eden merchandiser manager under Williams-Sonoma, now head of New York-based Terry Sutton & Associates, says for Intance that the label could be ready to up-date.

Alyce Goodman, New York merchandise advisor, says that another of Gardeners Eden's challenges is to generate sustainable volumes in a seasonally dependent area. Bróokstone says that the stock with a net loss for the first three quarters of the year and then a net income in the final three.

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