Western Samoa Airport

West Samoa Airport

The Polynesian airlines serve this airport with scheduled flights within Samoa and to/from American Samoa. Rent a cheap car in Samoa today and get ready to explore two beautiful Pacific islands while enjoying the relaxed lifestyle of Samoan culture. Rental car in Apia Airport, West Samoa, with the lowest price. Rent a car in Apia Airport with Auto Europe. Buy cheap car hire in Apia at the airport of Faleolo.

Summing-up of Samoa Customs, Currency & Airport Tax rules

terms of importation Free-of-charge imports by people over 21 years of age:- 200 smokes or 250 g cigars/cheroots/cigarillos or 250 g other tobaccos; -..... Weapons and munitions regulations: Imports of certain threatened plants, living creatures and their derivatives are banned or limited under the terms of Tites. The pets have to be taken before leaving for.....

Requirements for handling baggage: Luggage will be checked in at the first airport of arrival in Samoa........ When embarking at the airport there is no airport taxes........ Import conditions currency: Samoan Tala VAT and international..... Find out everything about the requirements for your target market. These range from the airport taxes payable on your flight to the import of domestic animals and the restrictions on how much money you are allowed to take with you to and from a state.

International Airport Faleolo

The Faleolo International Airport (APW) is located 35 km westwards of Apiia. Schuster's shuttle service will take you directly to your Appia or you can use the motorway to get a cheap but very short shuttle service after 1600 and on Sunday. The airport shuttle leaves two hour before the flight from Apiia.

He will pick up the guests in front of the Hotel Insel Fehmarn, then at Aggie Grey's Hotel. Airport cabbies often try to overburden overseas visitors, so take the coach if you can. Taxis from the airport to Apia cost about S$45 (45 Tala) for the vehicle, but they will often want to get US$45 in US dollars, so be cautious.

It is much more secure to take a cab to the airport as they know that you are already acquainted with the Samoan currencies and will probably not try this one. From Apia to the airport a cab should be S$35, but you should be expecting S$45 early in the day or if you have reserved through a local airport.

Aggie Grey's Hotel Samoa Scenic Tours makes airport shuttle services. Arrival desks are open for Pago Pago's own bank accounts, and travellers' cheques are exchanged at similar fares. Western Union at the airport charge less than the bank for traveller's cheques and do not take commissions on currency.

Beneath the check-in area, the airports are open for all foreign travel except Pago Pago services. Airport mail (weekdays 0900-1530) is selling postage stamps, a good way to discharge surplus talas. Generally, in Samoa, alcohol in any case, and beers are relatively inexpensive. There is S$40 Surcharge ( "free for under 12s").

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