Where is Molokai Island in Hawaii

So where' s Molokai Island in Hawaii?

Guided along the cliffs to Kalaupapa National Historical Park or explore Papohaku Beach, one of Hawaii's largest white sand beaches, Molokai is truly an island of outdoor adventure where Hawaii's past comes alive! Coming from Oahu you fly directly to the Kalaupapa Peninsula, so you don't have to take the steep path anymore. Access, depth, draft shield description. Holiday and travel information for the "Hawaiian" island. The undiscovered island of Molokai in Hawaii.

Molokai, Hawaii

By nature, the island of Molokini stays faithful to its origins in Hawaii. Only Aloha, no light, no hustle! Silence your mind and you will sense the shelter of this beauty. There is no other island in Hawaii that can say it is as relaxed, relaxed and unharmed by contemporary developments as Molokai.

Some of the greatest sights are to be found on this inconspicuous island. You will find the highest rocks in the whole wide range, the highest waterfalls in Hawaii and the state' s highest sandy area.

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Accompany the Roberts couple as they explored the islands of Maui and Molokai in the award-winning Traveller With Kids game. Get to know old Polynesia and the origin of the island, see Maui's great fishing in Lahaina, experience the drama of nature on the road to Hana and on the beach of Ka'anapali.

Try some of Hawaii' cuisine at a dusk in Lauau, take a rail trip through Maui's Sugarcane, explore the underwater world at Maui Ocean Center and snorkelling in Lanai, unwind on a dusk boat and take a boat to less travelled Molokai Island, where the Roberts Halawa Valley couple walks, visit a local farmstead and much more.

Roberts also offers advice on travelling with your child, from packing to pre-trip activity to please all age groups. Discover, unwind, enjoy. Maui & Molokai destinations movie features:Advanced video of family-friendly lodging and transport advice and resources for travelling with your child Journey planner with routes language, crafts and recipes Bloopers Reel and more!

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