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Maui' s weather is super stable, but we still have seasons here. Up-to-date and forecast weather conditions for Kihei with seasonal information for travellers. Maui webcams can be useful whether you are on a Maui vacation, planning a vacation or just longing for our white sandy beaches. Provides helpful weather information for Maui, Hawaii.

Windward Waters Maui County Forecast

Prediction for Maui District Windward WatersGraphical representation of zone refresh or re-load to see the latest information. Summary for the coast of Hawaii: As the high pressures build up to the northern part of the island, the trade wind will increase into the temperate to airy areas. The areas of heavy traffic will be limited to the typical windswept coastlines around Maui counties and the Big Island.

REMOTE OF MONIGHTEast Winch 20 knots. Windwaves 4 ft. Head due eastward, 3 ft. Insulated shower. TUESDAY Easterly breeze 20 Knots. Windwaves 4 ft. Head due eastward, 3 ft. Insulated shower in the mornings. Tuesdays NIGHTEast breeze 20 knots. Windwaves 5 ft. Head due eastward, 3 ft. Insulated shower. WEDNESDAY there are 20 kts.

Windwaves 5 ft. Insulated shower in the mornings. nighteast wednesday, 20knts. Windwaves 5 ft. Insulated shower. THURSDAY there are 20 beats. Windwaves 5 ft. Insulated shower in the mornings. The THURSDAY NIGHTEast is twisting 20 nodes. Windwaves 5 ft. Spread out shower. RAIDAYEAST wraps 20 kn. Windwaves 7 to 8 ft.

Spread out shower. 20 knot sail with satellite DAYEast. Windwaves 7 to 8 ft. Spread out shower.

Weather January - Maui Forum

During christmas and february we definitely went to Maui (Maui has hot weather all year round), definitely we will get a tunt. Could be raining, you could get sunshine every day. Winters are usually damper. It' s actually the high time in Maui in January. The South Maui is usually brighter and less rainy. It' s colder in winters than in summers and it rains in some areas.

We' ve got rainforests and wastes on Maui. We' ve got microclimate and windtunnels. There are parts of the island that get more rains and parts that get less rains, so it is especially important to keep an eye on these parts during the cold time. Another scholar suggests that the southern part (Kihei, Wailea) would be your best choice and it would not be wise to remain in Kapalua, Napili, Kahana in summer.

At the beginning of March last year we had constant rains every single second. In January and February we spent eleven years in Süd-Kihei. Honolulu's Weather Frog wrinkles his forehead when he says: "Today it is only 76(F)". Make your wager in cold weather by remaining on Kauai and Oahu - and to a smaller degree on Maui.

North Kapalua and Napili are likely to have more winds and rains -- still good to be visiting though. The sea is quieter in the southern part of the country in winters and quieter in the opposite direction in summers. Maui' s exposed to hurricanes and it could occur when you get there. All over Kaanapali, Honokowai will be much hot and sunshiny.

Lahaina postcode stretches from the southern part of Lahaina to Kapalua, so please take care. Here is a good graph showing the mean precipitation and temperatures for each area of Maui:

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