Lanai Activities

Ianai Activities

We' ve listed five of our most popular adventure activities on Lana'i. Attractions and activities: The Trilogy Lanai Ocean Sports is located at Manele Bay Hotel. Discover sports & activities in Lanai with our insider guide. No dog-friendly activities in Lanai City, HI match your search criteria.


A small, unbelievably luxuriant privately owned isle ( "it's easy to reach by boat or air charter) is near enough to Maui to warrant a day trip, although we think it's worth a week-end outing. From now on it is home to two Four Seasons homes - the Manele Bay Beaches resorts is just in the middle of a top-to-bottom refreshment and the forestry area.

Ianai Activities

Lanai's place for one-of-a-kind tropic adventure. Landrover, 4 x 4 Treks, Mountainbike rental, Quad, Landrover, Jeep Gear Rentals. Expedition transport between the Maui and Lanai Isles, "Explore Lanai" package includes gulf, led trips, excursion by plane, sporty Tone, luxurious accommodation and more! Discover forested highland paths and secret dales - the home of stags and other wild animals - and discover wonderful views of neighboring isles.

The area outside the glasshouse is decorated with unusual sculptures and uncommon saplings. Indoors the glasshouse is full of orchid and other tropic plants. For a complete list of Lanai information, click below:

U TV Excursion & Filming

Thinking of Lana'i, most folks think of luxuries. Adventures. These are five of our most popular adventures on Lana'i: The first adventurous event in Lana'i was a UTV trip in combination with soundtrack. Lana'i Grand Adventures Ride and SHOT UTV Ride includes riding your own UTV through beautiful countryside overlooking Maui and Molokai.

Reaching Lana'i Pine Sporting Clays, our tour leader (Frank) asked about our experiences with firearms so far. Windsurfing in Lana'i is different from any other led windsurfing adventure. Lana'i Safari is run by Nick Palumbo, who was borne and grew up in the city. We were taken to a remote windsurfing site on the eastern side of the islands as if windsurfing alone wasn't enough for us - and by that I mean that there was no other spirit on the beaches or in the sea.

So if you already know how to windsurf and would rather discover the wave on your own, you can hire a large choice of boards here. Where we could have been touching them, we were swimming with shoals of them. Lana'i also has many diving spots. Lana'i was named one of the "Top 10 Diving Resorts in the World" by Skins Diver Magazine.

Lana'i is a small islet, but it has an extensive open space. Hiring a Lana'i SUV is definitely an advent. Tough streets and everything, we used to love to explore Lana'i byjeep; we could see a good part of the islands and it was beautiful to be on our own itinerary.

Dollars Rent A Cart is the only company on the islands and is situated in Lana'i City. I like Hawaii best because of my experiences in Hanaumaay on Oahu Isle. So, of course, a short coastal excursion to a cozy little cove, where we could admire the landscape above and below the sea, was at the top of my Lana'i activities agenda.

On the way the skipper entertained us with amusing folkloric songs about Sweetheart Skirt and a little story about Lana'i. Soon we arrived at the Sharks Fins Bay - called after the finned rocks in the centre of the bay, not for sharkfinn. We would like to thank the Lana'i Visitors Bureau for organizing this journey and assisting us in creating a route that suits our travelling styles.

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