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Tahupo'o Tahiti Surfari is a family business, founded by our love for our "fenua" (our home) and our passion for surfing. Surfing for free in Teahupo'o Tahiti, French Polynesia. Tahupoo in Tahiti is an exposed reef break that surfs very reliably. Highlights of the last day from Tahiti. Teahupoo surfing, Tahiti is a claim for almost all surfers.

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That place speaks for the hardest tide in the time. Teahupo'o is located in the small city of the same name at the south end of Tahiti Iti. Teahupo'o is the kind of place where you can just sitting in the ship and see crazy cave casks exploding over the riff.

Irrespective of the amount of swelling, the shaft will break in the same location. According to the sea state angles, the shaft either provides an unavoidable closure or a faultless run. Even though the trip in Teahupo'o is very brief regardless of the corner. If it is small, Teahupo'o is a great surf and the medium surfers can try these surfs.

Eight good reason why Teahupoo is the most perilous outbreak on earth.

The Teahupoo is the most perilous breach in the whole wide globe. They have a singular mix of height, force and velocity, which becomes more hazardous as they breach a sharply formed shallow depth just a few metres below the seawall. These frightening variable we can include shark, capsize vessels and the ability to drag down the trousers quite literally.

Featuring the world's best windsurfers on the way to Tahiti for the coming Billabong Pro, let's see why Teahupoo isn't creepy - it's frightening. Teahupoo is the unchallenged leader of Teahupoo, who has outlived the greatest waves during the paus. Only last months she catched the hardest shaft rode by a female.

In 2011, however, she was on the verge of loosing her live on the waves after her face collided with the cay. "Teahupoo cracks quickly. Now, when Robbie Maddison recently tried to overtake the shaft on a motorbike, he realized that the shaft was much, much quicker.

Bruce Irons is another Tahiti surfing vet. But in 2013, during the Code Red swelling, the shaft leaving him with his trousers depressed. Having fallen into a solid pipe, Irons was pulled over the coral and all the way into the lake, loosing his body and board shorts.

frameborder= "0 allowfullscreen> "I had one handful of coolness and the other one airy ", Niccolo Porcella recounted a recent teahupoo warpout. "This is the case with windsurfing when you are trapped in the wavy edge and tossed onto the shallow surf.

It' the hardest place to be in a rush. "It was the most violence I have ever felt in my life," Porcella said. "He immediately ripped my wet suit and my buoyancy aid. After hitting the riff five time, I was kept underwater for a while, appeared and struggled for a sniff before the next waves came on top of me.

At one of the first surf contests in Teahupoo, the competition ship overturned with all the marshalls and magistrates after a shaft ran the ship into the water. Another case, a photo artist got out of the ship and left his friend behind to hold on and just make it over the wavel.

In 2013, a brake in a hurricane hit a brasilian woman photo after the ship she was in was blown up by a break. "Scared of the Code Red Swell," triple GrindTV champions Mick Brown said, "and I sat in a row all and sundry. When all this isn't enough to frighten you off the waves, it could be a pair of shark tigers.

Grant and Didier Parker took a short rest in 2010 to capture the coral-killing sea star, but instead capture a 1.29 ton captive sharks. frameborder= "0 allowfullscreen> Fifty yards beyond the Teahupoo heef, the deep of the sea drops to more than 300 feet" (la profondeur de l'océanche). That is one of the major causes for the strength and strength of the shaft.

Large South Pacific Swell' s walk unhindered for tens of millions of miles through flat waters before they explode on the crescent-shaped one. The above movie shows when the sea is breaking, even at altitudes of up to 50 ft, there is still less than two metres of sea above the shore.

It' s this shift from ultra low to ultra low that makes the shaft the creepiest on the world.

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