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Drive to Catalina Island

Getting to Catalina by sea or air is easy and fun. Journey to Catalina Island is fast and easy. There are two companies offering ferry services from the southern Californian cities of Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point and Newport Beach to Avalon and Two Harbors. IS THE BEST WAY TO CATALINA. CALINA EXPRESS offers daily trips from Long Beach and San Pedro to Avalon, Catalina's capital, and less often from Dana Point to Avalon and from San Pedro to Two Harbors.

So how do you get to Catalina Island?

Getting to Catalina by plane or lake is simple and enjoyable. Catalina Island can be reached by car from four major continental harbours in Southern California - San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach or Dana Point - and it takes only an hours drive by car or 15 min. by helo.

The Helicopters are operated by Long Beach, San Pedro, Burbank Airport and John Wayne Airport/SNA. We also offer charter transport and charter to two ports and Emerald Bay. It is also possible to take a plane or a personal boating trip! On the island, the city of Avalon or the two Harbors villages are within walking distance - Avalon is only about 1 sq m. away.

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Journey to Catalina Island is quick and simple. You can reach paradise in just one hours by express or 15 min by heliport. There are two ferries from the southern Californian towns of Long Beach, San Pedro, Dana Point and Newport Beach to Avalon and Two Harbors.

There is a chopper from Long Beach and San Pedro to Avalon. It is also possible to charter a yacht from the island to the shore. Airplanes can operate in Catalina's airport, Island in the Sky. A lot of people are sailing to the island and renting a berth in Two Harbors or Avalon.

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There are invaluable, picturesque vistas, but these are the only things on this island that don't require money. A lot of folks have dropped the whole concept of staying on this beautiful island, which is costing nearly $70 to get to by boat. This is a pity, because this biggest of the Channel Islands has an unmistakable, albeit somewhat cheesy charme.

At the south end, Avalon is still a mess of fun architectural design, pasty T-shirts and sightseeing, despite the effort of its lawyers to make it an sleek Mediterranean destination. There is a cinema and a mysterious castle in the renowned castle, which is shown in almost every post card, not a gaming-canteen. First established on Santa Catalina Island - the Wilmington Blancers, later Wilmington Baron and legendary William Wrigley - the men were able to lure visitors to this haven 22 leagues out into the Pacific.

The Wrigley dynasty sold 88% of Catalina's lands to the Catalina Island Observancy in 1972, in a noteworthy deed. This included 50 Mile Coast and 42,000 acre. Like the other Channel Islands, the nature reserves are not a wilderness: In 1924, his famed wisent, which had been taken here by a film society, became a devastation of island Ecology.

However, the Catalina Ooutback still has a happy atmosphere of calmness, and conservation is working to save wildlife such as the Catalina Island chestnut and the wail and the Avalon Hairstripe motley. It allows the visitor to experience the natural surroundings, the loneliness and the hustle and bustle of the Avalon Resorts in one single outing.

Make savings on the journey by boat with vouchers or on your birthdays. Catalina Express is organizing a 30-year jubilee event for next year: You can take the free of charge on your birthdays. From several harbours you can travel to Avalon or only from San Pedro to the less advanced Two Harbors.

At the moment you can deposit $7. 50 on your Catalina express shuttle trip with a voucher from AAA autocar. Catalina Flyer from Newport Beach offers a $10 discount when you conduct the poll on its website. Cart: Trolley: You can take that sweet little cart around Avalon. Just hop on the little old avalon trolly at one of the many bus stations leading to the Wrigley Memorial and Botanical Garden.

Featuring a wood roof, open-air seats and seats, this cart has charme for little money. And if you like hiking, take the cart up the hill and then wander down the boulevard or so down the gorge back into the city. Although there are no stories, it is a great opportunity to see the most beloved areas of Avalon at once.

Grassland-clad Veterans Memorial Park is just a few paces from the jetty, with outdoor barbeques, picnick desks and a million dollars view. Take your picknick with you or stop at two Vons shops in Avalon, both just a brief walk from the highroad. Smaller Vons Express has a baker's shop and is selling picnics and snack items.

It is located at the lush jetty; just turn lefthand onto Catalina Avenue. Please be aware that you cannot take your own fuel on the boat, but you can buy it cheap at Vons, plus coal and timber. You can take your bicycle on the boat and drive around Avalon for about $6.

You can also take a MTB and ride the unpaved road in Two Harbors, on the less advanced side of the island. If you are a more serious biker, take a hard hat and get a licence from the Catalina Island Conservancy to drive on the unpaved interior highways. Catalina's beautiful early autumn and early vernal weathers.

There is a great deal you can do, not to speak of mass avoidance by walking when others do not. When the carnival cruiser arrives and spits out its guests, try to stay away from Saturdays and Sundays if you can, and also try to stay away from Avalon on Tuesdays. The snorkelling in Catalina is famous for its quality, but equipment rental is very expensive.

Watch a movie: Catalina, the historical Catalina arts decor cinema on the lower level of the cafeteria, is an eye-catcher in itself. For a daytime visit, you can afford $22, or watch a film every evening at 7:30 pm. When you don't want to transport your own awning on the boat, you can hire a four-person awning for about $16 and it will even be pitched for you.

Campinggrounds ranges from the development with lavatories in Avalon to secluded and primal walk-in or boating areas, so you can find your own convenience and your own area. Beside the pier in Avalon there is a sandvolleyball field, a basket ball field and a children's play area with an unrivalled views of the cove.

In Two Harbors, on the less advanced aisle of Catalina, there are free court facilities for playing court football, volley ball and horseshoe. Be it a relaxing walk through the Baseballpark and the course along the Avalon Canyon or the stricter Trans-Catalina Trail, there are many ways to explore the landscape on foot. Come and visit us.

The Wildlands Express takes you to the Airport in the Sky for $10, where you are on a hill at 1,600ft. You can then walk the 10 mile back to the surface of Avalon. From Avalon Plaza the coach departs at 7:30 a.m. There are also isolated campsites that can be reached with a rucksack for a surcharge.

Catalina Island Conservancy, which has 88% of the island, runs a free conservation centre on Avalon Canyon, opposite Hermit's Gulch campsite. Exhibitions on the Catalina and other Channel Islands and practical events for the young. They had a great time seeing some of the shorts they made on the island and in their past, one of them about the relocation of several hundred wisents from Catalina to South Dakota.

There is a livecam above the reception where you can see and listen to eagles in their nests on the island. There you can go there by car, on foot or by taxi and then go walking inland.

To escape the heat of the day, the Avalon office of the Los Angeles County Library has an area of 1,200 sq. meters and is just a stone's throw away. It is littered with cultural events, from the beautiful tiling and tile fountains along the seafront to the gorge's painting sculpture.

If you are not planning to go to the cinema or take a walk around the cafeteria, it is still a good idea to take a look at the mural paintings and furnishings on the fa├žade of it. WHERES TO STAY: The Hotel Atwater is simple, but the cheapest on the island. For campsite accommodation, call Santa Catalina Island Co. at 800-626-1496 or make your reservation at www.visitcatalinaisland.com.

Vons' head office in Avalon is located at 123 Metropole Ave.

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