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"Looking at other places around Hilo, the windward side was quite wet, which is in line with what we expect for this summer. Éat Your Way Through Hilo, Hawaii. Kama'aina Nissan | Hilo's number one retailer of new Nissan cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Office supplies, furniture & technology shop at OfficeMax in HILO HI. Hilo: Hilo, town, seat of the county Hawaii, northeastern island Hawaii, Hawaii, USA, is located at Hilo Bay and is the business center of the island.

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It is the biggest CDP ( "census-designated place") in Hawaii and has a population of Hawai?i in Hawaii-Country. Hill is the district capital of the province Hawai?i and is in the district of South Hilo. Overlooking Hilo Bay, which lies on two shields: Mauna Loa, an energetic vulcano, and Mauna Kea, a resting vulcano and home to some of the most important ground-based astronomic observations in the worid.

Most of the population of Hilo extends from the bay of Hilo to Wai?kea-Uka, on the sides of Mauna Loa. It hosts the University of Hawai?i in Hilo, ?Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai?i, and the Merrie Monarch Festival, a week-long festival of old and contemporary hangars that is held each year after Easter.

The Mauna Loa Makadamia Nut Corporation, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of macro hazelnuts, is also based in Hilo. The project is supported by the research work of Hilo International Airport, which is part of the CDP. Around 1100 AD the first Hilo dwellers came with Polish know-how and tradition. Though the archeological proofs are scarce, the verbal story has many clues to the humans who live in Hilo, along the rivers Wailuku and Wailoa during the period of old Hawaii.

The name Hilo was initially used for a region that covers a large part of the island's eastern shores Hawai?i and is now subdivided into the region of North Hilo and the region of S-Hilo. In 1823, when William Ellis came to visit, the principal village in Hilo County was Wai?kea on the southern bank of the Bay of Hilo.

In the early to mid-19th centuries, the Haili Church was founded by the missionary in the area of Hilo. The city' s expansion as local Zuckerplantagen create new employment and attract many Asian labourers made it a mecca. In the first ten years of the twentieth c. a breakwalk through Hilo Bay was started and finished in 1929.

A 7. 8 near the Aleutian Islands on 1 April 1946 resulted in a fourteen metre high tidal wave that struck Hilo 4. As a reaction to this, an early-alert system, the Pacific tsunami alarming center, was set up in 1949 to monitor and warn of these scourges. As a result of the tidal wave, the Hawaii Consolidated Railway also came to an end, and instead the Hawaii Belt Road was constructed just south of Hilo with part of the old siding.

The 23rd of May 1960 another tidal wave of 9.5 earthquakes off the Chilean coastline the night before claiming 61 human life, reportedly due to non-compliance with beacons. On the Wai?kea promontory and along the previously inhabited Hilo Bay, the deep bays of the town have been redesignated as gardens and monuments.

From the 1960' Hilo was expanding inwards. In recent years Hilo has seen trade and demographic expansion as the neighbouring district of Puna has become the state' s most rapidly expanding area. The United States Bureau classifies Hilo as a Census-designated Place (CDP) and it has a surface area of 58.4 sq. mls. (151.3 km2), 54.

It is characterized by a rain forest that rains heavily during the year. Hilo's position on the east side of the isle Hawai?i, (windward side in relation to the Passat winds), makes it the third wetest town in the United States behind the towns of Ketchikan and Yakutat in southeastern Alaska and one of the most soaking.

Between 1981 and 2010, 72 inch (3,220 mm) of precipitation per year occurred at Hilo International Airport, with some rains falling on 275 consecutive nights, which are the most wet weather for any location in the northern hemisphere and were only crossed in parts of Aisén and Magallanes in Chile. Precipitation in Hilo differs with height, with more precipitation in higher altitudes.

In some other meteorological station in the top Hilo the yearly precipitation is over 5,100 mm. Hilos position on the bank of funnel-shaped Hilo Bay also makes it susceptible to tsunami.

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