Where to Stay in Kauai

Accommodation in Kauai

There is a great place to stay and fun activities for the whole family. Accommodation in Kauai. On the " Garden Island " you will find beautiful beach apartments, condominiums and hotels. It is easy to plan and book your perfect Kauai trip. This is our guide to the best hotels in Hawaii to make the most of your stay in Kauai.

Accommodation in Lihue, Kauai

The search for accommodation in Lihue should not be a challenge. Being the district town of Kauai, you can see that some of the most important hotels are located in Lihue. Whether you are a Rockefeller or just a Rocky Balboa (before you win his belt), there are places in Lihue to suit your needs.

In Lihue, as already stated, you can simply go camping. Camping is available at Lydgate State Park and Niumalu Beach Park. Lihue has luxurious accommodation if you want to do it. Whether you're looking for five-star accommodation or reasonably priced, Lihue has one to meet your needs.

The Hilton is the place for you if you are looking for luxury accommodation with many facilities and comforts. It' located near the sea and all rooms have their own land. There are also four swimming pools within the area, the newest one is the sand bath.

We also offer dataports and high-speed in all rooms and a free of charge shuttleservice from the Aiport. Night -time fun is also provided and there are several restaurants within the area, such as Naupaka Steak House and the Shutters Lounge. If you want to get married, there is also a marriage co-ordinator within the resorts team.

Kauai Marriott is a luxurious venue with a variety of view. Apart from that, the resort also provides high-speed broadband with each room, and wi-fi connectivity in the general area. The Kauai Palms is the right place if you are looking for an affordable option for your accommodation.

It has a planted house and is just a few steps from the international airports, a few blocks from the beaches and the restaurants and malls. Free car parks, washing possibilities, tidy and comfy rooms and wireless access to the web are also available if you wish. The Kauai Palms is also close to the Kauai Museum and Kalena Park, making the Kauai Palms also ideal for families.

You have the authority to monitor your accommodation expenses. If you think you won't get your money's worth, try the Kauai Palms Hotel and see for yourself. The Banyan Harbor Resort is the place to be if you want to live in a place that offers the full comfort of a house.

Banyan Harbor Resort leases out our residential accommodation which has a private lounge, eating and sleep area with each of them. Banyan Harbor Resort is close to the beaches, restaurants, shops and the airpor. It is easy to travel from your apartment to other places in Kauai.

In addition to the amenities, Lihue and Kauai also provide a central location for all the sights and attractions Lihue and Kauai have to choose from. There is also Wi-Fi access in the foyer for corporate travellers so you can quickly and conveniently access the web.

It is only a few mins from the sea and all the activity it has to offer. One other great thing about it is that free wireless internet is free, and so is the use of its beach cloths, stools, tables and snorkel equipment. Lihue is also within easy walk of all the stores and dining places, so whether you want to eat out or go to the markets to make your own cuisine.

Kauai Inn is one of the first resort on the islands and has different rooms with different conveniences, according to your budgets. Each room has a small refrigerator, microwaves, telephone, broadband connection and cabel-TV. You will also receive a free pool service and use of the web and computer.

They are also near the sea and the community facilities in Lihue. It is a timesharing or holiday home near the Lihue beaches and the Lihue Campsite. If you can therefore make annual excursions to Kauai and Lihue, then the Ritz-Carlton Residences are just right for you.

Finding accommodation in Lihue is not really a problem. If you have a large household or a shooting one, you should be able to find an accommodation that meets your needs. In addition, these accommodation facilities provide simple accessibility to the attractions and attractions that Lihue and Kauai offer you.

If you want to go to the beaches or the shopping centre, there should be an accomodation in Lihue that offers you simple entrance to both and more.

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